Side effects from 10mg Zyprexa to 7.5mg

Hi all, hope you are all well.

Will I get withdrawals from decreasing my Zyprexa dose from 10mg to 7.5mg?



Probably not. Usually whitdrawals come at the lower doses from what I have read. Like if you drop to 5mg or lower there could be problems.

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Ive done that in the past, gone from 10mg of zyprexa down to 7.5mg and had no issues. But everyone is different, if your body needs 10mg to be stable and you only take 7.5mg then you might have problems.

If you do lower the dose i advise doing it under the supervision of a pdoc.

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I read withdrawal from AP is psychosis I hope that is not true

I’ve been in remission for 14 years and wonder if there is any madness left in me if I went off ap’s

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I’m hoping to come off my meds altogether.
From 10mg down to 0 over a 4 year period.

I’m going to see 2 other pdocs for their opinions.

My drs thought my psychosis was once off from encephalitis. So I might not even have schizophrenia yet I’m highly medicated

I love Zyprexa but maybe while I have a good support system I should try taper down

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once I sleep well

I feel well throughout the day

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I also sleep well on Zyprexa. It’s so nice and sedating! How will I sleep without it? Hehe

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I might need Zyprexa to sleep, the crucial question is at what dose

currently at 15mg and stable 14 years

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