What Does Your Name Mean in the Urban Dictionary?


All around perfect man and a sexy beast. Known to cause even the most
loyal of girls to turn on their boyfriends. Talented with music, words,
and kills in any sport he plays. Strong like bull. Always
competitive, and ALWAYS wins what he competes in. Some consider to be on the status of not only a god, but THE God.

“Damn, my girl got snatched…”

“Kick his ass dude!”

“Nah man… it was Patrick bro”

“Awww ■■■■… leave it alone, that ■■■■■■ will kill you”

“I didn’t know Jesus went to this school”

“Nah dude… that guy right there, that’s Patrick. But they are easily confused”

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I googled this when I was going through a Christ Complex years ago, and it reaffirmed how I was feeling at the time. lol!


The most wonderful girl in the world. If you know a matilde or are in a relationship with her, you’re the luckyest guy alive. Her eyes and her smile are all that is needed to keep you going. Also very beautiful and can be quite cheeky and devilsh. Always finds a way to look good wether it’s pretty, stunning, sexy or hot. Often life is horrible without a Matilde. Has the personality of an angel.
An incredibly amazing girl “matilde”

a very cute lady who can always makes your heart melts with her smile. However, cuteness is just one side of her, and within it, there is beauty. Yes, she’s a combination of cuteness and beauty and, when you realize that, you will not be able to move your sight away from her since then. Nevertheless, Minnie is always a good listener and whenever you are depressed, she always try to do something to cheer you up. Therefore, she’s a friend who you should never missed since she cares more than anyone and treat you with honesty. If you know a Minnie in your life, your lucky. Because with her, your life will always be filled of color.




The sweetest, most kind-hearted, most beautiful, classy, hott, sexy,
intelligent, amazing women in the world - and she has no idea how
amazing she is. If you really know her you will always love her cuz she
will always love you. If you don’t know her, then you don’t know love.

I hope I can find a Judy some day.

Damn, that girl is so Judy.



Someone who is un usually well hung. People with the name James are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.

Ha ha!


An amazing, beautiful, caring, creative girl. She is the epitome of a goddess, and anyone would kill to have her. She can do anything she sets her mind to, and she’s wonderful.

A girl who acts like a true sister. She may not be blood line relatives, but she will care for you no matter what, even when hated she will love you. She tends to fall for the wrong type, but in the end she will never give up on someone she loves. She’s socially active but naughty at times. She gets very intimate with people and she will play around. She will trust you very easily and she will do anything to bring you happiness. She loves everyone and can have her depressed moments, but she will always overcome them for the right of others. She sacrifices her own to let someone else be happy, and she will always be there for you. She is a dork and a nerd, but everyone will love that quality about her. She is fairly beautiful but will never believe it. She is out going and active and enjoys the oddest things as well as being crazy. She is lovable and adorable and will always be your true friend.


You’re beautifullllllllllllllllllllllll!!!


You’re the most wonderful girl in the world :heart_eyes_cat:

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My nickname is Swedish means ‘husband’. Every Swedish woman loves their Make :smile:

OK what the actual expletive. I’m a man of mystery … until impulsiveness ruins that objective … and I’m not sure if you can reverse the results to find out my name … so now I’m having second thoughts about posting them, but … yes, you can google the result and find out the name. I am so torn. It is ridiculous.

I hope you are all suffering from curiosity as much as I am with the urge to post. :confounded: lol Now I’ve built up expectations way beyond what the results actually deserve anyway. I don’t even know why I am actually clicking Reply now, but I am.

Edit: figured it out - I’m providing material to support my nomination for class clown. I think this weakens my claim though …

Edit2: Maybe I am better described as infuriatingly indecisive and long-winded?

You can just edit out your name like Rhubot did.

Oh Minnii … of course you can, but even in the absence of the name, just the description itself links to the result including the name lol

Edit: and now it’s less about what my name is and more about the fact that the result isn’t really worthy of all this fuss haha

Oh I get it. Don’t need to do it though, we all believe your name is cool as well :smile:

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I don’t even know why I would care if people knew my name on here - maybe it is because I’m paranoid, in which case ■■■■ YOU paranoia.

Guy with an incredibly huge ■■■■■ and is totally awsome compared to any bitch ass Russians.

(if you know anybody named dylan next time you see him give him a high five unless your a chick in that case give him a hug but no fatties)
Dylan is that guy at school or in your town that your totally in love or gay for unless your his friend

Also, I’m married … I can’t have all the ladies PMing me now that they know my big secret LOL

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Mine actually didn’t have the name in them. Lucky me, no editing required :smile_cat:

I’m looking at my full name now, though, and am paranoid that an ex boyfriend wrote it :blowfish: I know he didn’t, but still :blowfish:

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But seriously though, I feel ashamed to be a part of such a grammatically flawed statement.

Anna is a name for the sexiest, most gorgeous, amazing, and beautiful girls in the world. These girls are the sweetest and have the best personality, are absolutely stunning, and are the best at sex. Every guy should date an Anna. Every guy WANTS to get with an Anna. Annas are not sluts, but when they decide to give someone their love, they are by far the best. Annas usually have beautiful curves. Basically, you are lucky as hell to have an Anna.


a girl who can drink most men under the table without them knowing it, also characterized by being seductive and very influencial. a broad.



Tom, as in “doubting Thomas” from the bible, even though he is not religious. He is spiritual. A skeptic. Follows the ancient dictum “nothing is certain, not even that”. Ready to give every person his heart, but few people his soul. Has few beliefs, but what he believes he believes fervently. He will not hesitate to examine even his most fervent beliefs in the cold light of reason. Ponders the great questions of existence, with no simple formulations for answers. Believes in God, as in a spirit that guides the universe, but not in the Christian sense. Believes that God will forgive him even for shaking his fist in anger at the deity. Has some intellectual talent, but it is unrefined, which might be better than mainline intellectualism. Above all a realist.


hahah I just realised that if you scroll down, there are MORE descriptions. Yeah I’m such a nerd, right!?

This one is nicer:

A Dylan is the most amazing guy on the planet. He is typically a nerd. A
really hot nerd who should take his shirt off more often. Dylans
usually have wavy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and glasses. They
enjoy playing video games and watching geeky movies and TV shows like
Star Wars or Chuck. They tend to listen to classic and alternative rock,
and they hate country and Justin Bieber. A Dylan has the best sense of
humor you will ever come across. He is extremely silly, but he is also a
very sweet, caring boyfriend. He would never pressure a girl to do
anything she wasn’t ready for. Dylans appreciate and love their
families. They will make their girlfriends bacon. A girl who holds the
heart of a Dylan is a very lucky girl indeed!

Pretty much correct. I do cook bacon for others, but I most certainly do not have hair on my head, wavy or otherwise.

Oh and I did have two pairs of glasses. I lost one pair and broke the other. Now I just accept my blindness as a part of who I am. I’m also not hot; I’m cold. Always cold.