What does this piece of Art bring to mind for you?

I painted this this morning. What impression does it leave on you? What does it bring to mind?


It looks like a Kandinski done in stained glass…

I have a feeling it’s something from under a microscope… ???

It’s like a brain scan.

It reminds me of a spider’s web.

A bunch of pissed off wasps

the neon background with geometry reminds me of the stained glass in the church I used to go to.

Thanks guys. I can see all of those things in this painting. I appreciate your feedback. Have a great day!

Looks multi dimensional.

Potential & Life

It’s that famous sketch of the dynamics of man.

It looks a little like Jackie Gleason.

I found the image I was thinking of that is so famous.

This is the science of man, done by Leonardo Di Vinci.

Yeah that’s what came to mind when I saw the original image…

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Maybe it’s got the same balance to it and the circle… You know what it reminded me of…

THE MONARCH… probably the coloration. Easy to see wings in it

I see a angel, thats beautiful man

And you quit drinking and drugs LOL.

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I see Bill Cosby!

(couldn’t resist)

The Cos has to be one of the funniest themes running through this forum, however.


I think @SoitGoes started it although I’m not sure.

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I don’t really think the jokes on Bill Cosby are funny.

For one thing, many women have had to pay the price.

And also, he was a family icon for most of his life with children and networks.

I don’t know, it makes me think about windmills.
I like it its very good. you have talent.

Looks like something out of Silent Hill. Blood, rusting, torturous.