An abstract(?) Painting

Hi guys. I did this painting today. What does it look like to you?

I know I’m not the best artist but I just do this to redirect my energy somewhere sort of fun.

Otherwise I haven’t enough to do during the day.


It looks like flowers, bushes and a tree, and an angry spirit animal lurking

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To the left. It’s black with something that looks like horns and red eyes

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ahah yeah I see it, nicely interpreted.

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A flower garden
Gorgeous x

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Thanks :). yea that is what it was meant to be from my perspective too. Like a field with flowers or such. And trees in the background.

Interesting though, there does seem to be some sort of spirit animal there. Didn’t really look at the painting properly before I posted it.

It could also look like a chubby person in a robe towering over a flowerpath

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To me that figure looks like a confused spirit animal.



Tbh I do quite like this painting eventhough it’s not ‘amazing’. Just that spirit animal I dunno how that turned up in the painting

Looks like a lea of flowers and grasses, surrounded by trees. I like your art, it is open to interpretation in some respects, but at the same time you can see what you were going for. Keep it up!

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Thanks… Sezbot.

My first impression is wildflowers. But I do see the spirit animal to the left. It looks like a buffalo, or maybe a lion

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