What is wrong with this picture?

I did this doodle one time when I was very high on weed. It’s so bad I can hardly tell what it is.
Now for some reason when I look at it I feel really scared and get this weird feeling that I can’t explain. I hate it but sometimes I just look at it on purpose.
What is wrong with this picture and how does is make you feel (If you can even tell what it is…). Something about those tree-like thingies on the bottom makes me feel sick.
Today everything makes me sick. Like I need to lie in bed and not think about things and wake up. And to be in control of myself again, not Shadow being obnoxious.
Maybe I’m just having an off week, because of everything that has happened.
I don’t know what I’m even talking about anymore.
End of post.

I see an alien in outer space. Is there some kind of explosion the end of earth lol

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I don’t even know… It may just be a scribble. Hard to say.

Makes me remembered the times I was bored and couldn’t be ■■■■■■ to draw a decent picture

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In my opinion, you are the next Pablo Picasso of SZ.com.
But I hope you feel better tomorrow.


It looks like just scribbles to me too, except for maybe the little sphere with the ring around it makes me think of Saturn.

If the picture bothers you, you could always just throw it away.

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To me it looks like a demon with an afro, an eye patch and a clown nose entering a black hole.

I remembered a paintings like this have sold 60 million dollars. You will be rich, bunny.


Lol what?
And thanks.

I wish I could see that. That sounds really cool.

I don’t see anything scary about it, just looks like scribbles

I see the darkness swallowing planets and stars…

Looks like swirling black holes and stars and stuff like that. OR weed doodling:) Either way, get rid of it if it bothers you.

Oh wait does seem like some ghostly figures at the top of the one the bottom right :open_mouth:

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its not that bad, me and a friend use to swap doodles at college :slight_smile: i loved that girl lol

The big black scribble somehow draws me in and is somehow scary for some reason. The rest is ok. And good doodling. Interesting. Very interesting. But I can see your point. I wouldn’t like to look at the big black scribble but I too would be wondering why.

The bottom right is a dark figure wearing a hood. I see his face. Because he’s staring with no expression, I find him the most intimidating. There are other figures behind him. In the sky there are flying creatures and clusters of things with representations of space. That’s what I see.
You should get rid of it by tearing it up and throwing it away. Anything that feeds your delusion is tempting but destructive.

A good book burning well page burning may be in order…

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That’s all I see, too. Lol

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@Hedgehog @flameoftherhine
Yes, I intend to get rid of it. I just wanted to see if anyone else can figure out what it even is and why its so scary, because I don’t know.