What does the concept of anti-psychiatry mean to you?

I see a lot wrong in the mental health system i have family members who i feel are not being treated fairly just as human beings and trapped in a system that doesnt make sense and i see as extremely dysfunctional so i want to change things but i am seeing some resistance/anger in unexpected places and so that means to me someone is not communicating something correctly and i just wanted to ask everyone to better understand also , what and how you feel most importantly about the concept of anti psychiatry are you for or against it and why

thanks all

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totally go undercover boss on the hospital.

go in there tell them I’m ■■■■■■■ schizo this place is not being run right and tell every ■■■■■■■ one of them off.


i might do that someday who knows lol actually thats very possible to be announced

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I think anti-psychiatry is associated with the work of R.D.Laing. He advocated letting psychosis run it’s course without treatment so that hopefully the patient comes out the other side. What if there is no “other side” though.

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Anti-psychiatry is bullsh*t.


When I was in a Baker Act facility for 3 days about a month and a half ago, I was hearing voices that I identified as demons and Satan and the head psychiatrist was splashing water out of a styrofoam cup on me saying "this holy water should help."
True story.
She also called my mom and told her she needed to go to this store and buy some stuff and do some kind of ritual at the beach.

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ive never heard of him but ill google him thanks so are you against that idea his idea coming out of psychosis i heard that 1 third of crazies come out of it did that come from him?

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:soccer:letting phycosis run its course… hmmmm

All I know is its friggin positive to let anxiety run its course! :soccer:

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There’s a lot of confused and ignorant people out there. Meds can save lives. I prefer sanity and psychiatry any day over insanity and conspiracy theories.

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why do you say that ?

I would liken the state of the psychiatric profession to the state of general medicine around the turn of the nineteenth century. It is just beginning to shed counterproductive theories and find a wealth of practical methods for the treatment of the mentally ill.


Pills are the best medicine for psychosis. Psychiatry is based on the scientific method. If you want to argue against the use of psychotropic medication then you should do it scientifically. Constructive criticism is a good thing, but anti-psychiatry is just categorically against all kind of psychotropic meds, which makes no sense at all.


noone is against medicine that can help people but what conspiracy theories are you talking about ?

You would be surprised by the amount of anti med people that are out there than.

That Big Pharma only aims to make money, when there are plenty of scientists that work for big pharma that work for our benefit and well being.

Generic meds come to the market really quick, meds that help most of us stay sane.


All I know is I would feel like a 14 year old standing on a dock in shorts getting ready to jump into freezing effing cold water better yet its the coldest temperatures on the planet without ice snow and frost.

anti psychiatry is about much much more than just anti psychiatric medications their availability actually anti psychiatry could care less about if people choose to take anti psychotic medications we dont give a sh#t what drugs you choose to take actually marijuana and all drugs should be legal for people to choose from we dont want to take any choice away from you or make anti psychotics extinct for those that want to use them or feel they need them

anti psychiatry is about the conditions that human beings have to be in when they are in the hospitals its about all of it the entire thing not just the personal choice of medications

its about the other issues its about the forced medicating of those not compliant who disagree with societies theories about how they should think and act and the connection between drug companies and psychiatrists that does exist obviously the last thing anti psychiatry is about is access to medication do whatever you want with regards to your healthcare medical inventions are the greatest things ever and not one person is against medical advances that help people

being against meds doesnt mean we want to take meds away from you its a personal choice and everyone should have the freedom to choose what they put into their body not have it forced on them ever expecially long term against their will

It’s also a lot about the medication. Not 100% sure what you’re trying to say since you didn’t even bother to use punctuation, but being against meds is a large part of the anti-psychiatry movement and you are wrong if you believe it is not. And I think forced treatment is sadly a necessary part of what makes a system for the treatment of mental health humane. The world would not be better if we got rid of forced treatment.


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no being against medication is like 1% of the anti psychiatry movement and that is a personal choice its the tip of the iceburg all thats screwed up im going to bed but keep posting

probably 1% of the anti phyciatry movement because there buddies were taken off by their buddies and refused mental comfort for their own large brains… anyway I like it off the medication about 5 months later… but possibly longer to adjust my anxiety. All I know is I was off the meds for two years once and 5 months later I hit a stable reality but I was still feared by all my friends and they were constantly telling me your not right… I liked hearing that more then your not normal though…

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