What does success look like to you?

If you don’t know what it looks like you probably aren’t going to find it.
So get to thinkin’ and don’t be afraid to let me know your thoughts, because i don’t know…


Not commit suicide or get killed.

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Success and hard work are interrelated.


Hard work in what direction?

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that is for each one of us to consider.

A brain like a steel fortress. A functional body.

Everything enjoyable stems from that. Anything less is miserable to some extent.

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What do you then do when you acquire these things?

Anything I want. Within reason.

Just have to tend towards the intellectual though. This ain’t no olympian.

I am having difficulty narrowing down the things though. Just being cocky.

I have like 3-4 things I want to actualize.

My mother says people become less competitive in their 60s.

I feel like that’s relevant toward ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and being happier.

Success for me might just be having my loved ones be happy.

I think I’m older than you but maybe you can get something from this.

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I will be happy once I can convince someone to hire me for work.

Quitting my job in March was a bold move, which I now have to face the consequences of.

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What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get a job?

I have no idea. I guess research what I will be doing, so I can start with some knowledge of the job/company.

I have a place on a Mental Health Nursing course on 28th September, but not sure if I will do this or not

Success is very evasive.

True success is enjoying the path, not the destination alone.


Now we’re getting somewhere…

Are you gonna give ten quids aswell?

I’m going to say having continual opportunities, is what i presently think of success.


I just want to be able to have two days where I’m not so negative

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What are you going to do on these two days instead of being negative?

Being completely cured from schizophrenia which isn’t going to happen in my lifetime. Even if I found supposed cure it would probably be a random guess and would only be temporary and might not do much or even work.

I like money. Never had it. I believe in hard work and rewards. Don’t really care what people think.

I rather have money and be shallow than be dirt poor and homeless and pretend I’m nobler or better than others on a random message board.

I’m thinking of my future. Stock market trading. Retail. Even being in the medical field or doing a trade job. But I get so paranoid and fear that nothing will work in my favor because of my sickness; what I think; and what I post online. Life is already a billion times harder for me and other mentally ill people on this forum.

I often compare myself to Stewart Swerdlow the most famous Montauk Boy. His life has been hell or worse. Same with me. I’m just 1 of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. Less than 1% survived and even less than 1% remember and can function. Most are sick. The odds are against me but I’m trying.

It’s hard to fight odds when it’s 1 in 10000 or 1 in 100,000 or whatever. I don’t care if people think I’m shallow.

99.999% of people won’t believe me. They don’t like me talking about it (they call us conspiracy theorists or schizophrenics), it upsets them, and it makes them extremely angry. On top of that, I worry about aliens coming after me, and even the government ruining my life even further. That’s why I will probably just do nothing with my life and stay at home or even just be homeless, take my SSI, or get a menial job. That’s the truth.

Too bad I just cannot get a nice check from the government or a lump sum. I rather be poor and safe and alone than do that though. I know the truth.