What does spirituality mean to you?

I think it is an interesting word because it can have so many different interpretations.
from google though,




  1. the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

i once went on a spirituality course (recovery college at my hospital) though and everyone made it their own

For me, spirituality just means living a positively meaningful way of life

let us try not to make it religious please, rules are rules


I agree. Spirituality is different than religion. :koala::koala::koala:


for some people spirituality and religion go together though, which is fine, but not for me personally


I don’t believe in souls. I also don’t believe in any kind of religion or magic. But I do consider myself very spiritual. Even though I also dislike the word “spiritual”, because of how it is normally used.

Spiritual for me means something like being in awe of the universe and of our bodies, and being interested in what it all means, if it means anything at all.

I do think there is something hidden, something deeper. But I don’t presume to know what that is. I’m an agnostic. Which doesn’t just mean that I don’t know - it means I don’t believe any of us can know. We can’t know if there is a god, if there is a life after death, if there is a meaning to all of this. But that is a large part of what makes life so beautiful. We can think, believe and hope. We can choose to deal with the uncertainty or to reject it in fear. Because it is scary.

I believe in some things and hope for others. But at the end of the day, I’m glad I don’t have all the answers.


For me it is above human consciousness. Like a higher consciousness, my Higher Power.


I’m a Christian, but non-denominational. I’m also a bisexual woman. I won’t go into any more detail than that.

But I also believe everything has energies, all plants and animals. We are part of nature. We are animals, still, just more advanced. I also believe part of my spirituality is respecting animals and nature. We, as humans, shouldn’t look down on other animals. They are important, too. :relaxed:


spirituality has to do with the metaphysical parts of existence. Being spiritual means, to me, uniting with the good non physical in order to become good myself. To be spiritual to me means to take action to perfect the self; to be as ‘human’ and ‘Godly’ as possible.


Spirituality to me means to keep sailing whether in grey or orange horizons. Trim the sails, puke if you have to, and keep tacking along.


The Finns have a word that describes this well.



This is a word I’ve always struggled to find my own definition of. I guess I approximate it with deism? Maybe a unifying universal theory of everything? Maybe just less than religious? Maybe a combination of the above? It’s ambiguous to me.


Honestly I’m not spiritual like I was before I got sick. I still believe in the possibility of the afterlife (a positive one) with no dogma attached to that belief. I just am convinced by NDEs… but I don’t think this belief alone makes me a spiritual person.

Before I was sick I had a belief system but now screw that it’s all just noise, just gotta take it one day at a time and find enjoyment where I can.


Like searching for great meanings from something outside your self…


Basically same. You’ve described my beliefs as well haha.


If as a visiting alien I had to infer from the previous comments what human beings mean by ‘spiritual’, I would probably have to conclude that it signifies an inner receptiveness to the great unknown/unknowable, and the process by which we make peace with it.

No longer speaking as an alien, I’m less concerned about the unknown being unknown than by a possibly misplaced faith in the transformative power of knowledge, at least as individuals. Like with science, I tend to view spirituality not as a ceaseless individual endeavour, but as a collective and intergenerational project

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i am not religious but hope to be spiritual.

i hope to become more spiritual.

i want to be spiritual in my relationships too.
spiritual, sacred, everlasting, loving, peaceful relationships that go beyond death for ever.

some people who i have agreed a bit with on beliefs are deepak chopra, louise hay, daniel hawkens, morgue, dalai lama.
i do not agree with them entirely i dont think but largely.

my spiritual practice is guided meditation and once in a ble moon i pray .

spirituality is very much connected to the earth and nature in a way but also space, energy, frequency, vibes and beyond.

if global warming kills the world and all life on earth i believe we will still exist as spirit/soul/vibe of who we are and colours of us and hopefully the world can come back or exist in anther way.

i was almost going to become a hyperian but they promote psychadelics and im not so sure about that and if your nature is too fluffy for them they dont seem to accept that its like you have to be a bad ass because we have to embrace our dark shadow side to be whole but if you do not feel agressive or hateful why forse something that is not desirable to me anyway.
i still have similar beliefs to hyperianism.

but im more lovidovi like louise hay in beliefs and she says there are no superiors to you.

i do not want everyone to feel my spirit.
some peope do not deserve to feel me nor could they appreciate or value me as im just not their cup of tea.

i want spiritual life for myself with my closest loved ones together always in love.

one of my greatest joys in life is when my loved one sings inside me.
i would pay to feel her.she is so beautiful.thats my sacred neigh and sacred it is.

i do not beleive in eternal hell.that would be a cruel god.
plus suicid people should have understanding, compassion, healing, love and healing from such emotion and trauma.

hey.im happy again because i may have a lot of people that are jealous etc and try supress me etc but i have my people and they may not be many but they are genuine real deal best.

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For me it feels like being crushed by the universe of souls as I cannot physically take in all the information coming from the spirit world

Really triggers me off, so I try not to think about things like this much at all


I’m also Christian and Gay. Enough said. I’m really out of touch with things spiritually though. It’s kinda a struggle just to survive now.


Very wise words @Blossom !

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so true. so true.