What does "like a zombie" mean to you?

I’ve seen this description as a side effect thrown around a lot on many reviews, and also occasionally on this site as people describe past experiences with meds they didn’t like.

“It made me feel like a zombie.”
“I was a zombie.”
“It turned me into a zombie.”

Or from the perspective of relatives, “It turned my son/daughter/brother/uncle into a zombie.”

What does this mean specifically for you, if this were a side effect experience on a med?

Part of why I’m wondering is, well I am wondering if Risperidone might make me seem “like a zombie” but I actually like it. I mean I am so used to being so emotionally riled up and intense, and very reactive. I feel much more chilled out so far on this med, I bet if I were around those who have known my over my adult years, they might remark that I seem “out of it” when really I am just very comfortable and not so easy to upset.

So for me personally, since it might be relative, “feeling like a zombie” would be more severe, like just lying in bed all day and not being able to do even basic things, like preparing a meal or holding a conversation. But again, this is from my subjective experience of wanting to get away from so much intense negative emotion. It’s not like I had a bunch of wonderful emotion that went away. So I know it’s very subjective.

What does “zombie” mean to you in the context of side effects?

Zyprexa made me not move, drool and watch tv all day. Emotional flatness.

Out of touch with self.

Not always as a result of medication. I’ve shutdown and gone so inward and spacey that I totally lost myself which is such a struggle to keep in touch with.

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Haldol injections made me shuffle my feet wrong and I looked funny when I walked. Plus I had tightness of jaws.

I can’t say I’ve ever felt like a zombie. I’ve gained weight, been dumbed down, felt like I was in slow motion and seem to get sexual dysfunction off like everything but not a zombie.

I complained about feeling like a zombie to a care worker once. At the time I felt I had nothing inside me, and I was just existing. Maybe emotional flatness is a good way to describe it, but with no hopes, dreams, interests thrown in.

Zyprexa made me feel like a zombie. I could barely move, very tired and all I wanted was food (brains! brains!!).


When I say like a zombie I mean I have no energy and very spacey as well as being fogged up in my mind with diminished cognitive functions. You know, like a zombie.

For me though with zyprexa when they try to up my dose i feel dopey and zombiefied. Like im not all there. Going through the motions without being aware.

I have used the expression. Being a zombie for me is brain dead. I just sit or stand and can’t communicate. Occational drooling. Sluggish movements.

Slow walk and no face expressions.

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