What does hypomania feel like?

Can people explain what hypomania feels like?

My friend says i have that. I always just called it feeling good. :slight_smile:

And a mixed state? How does that feel? Today i feel very restless, jumpy, with racing thoughts,
thinking out everything for work i should have done the last weeks when i was depressed, looking for a new house inbetween, impulsive, but not comfortable or happy at all, rather a bit sad and meh. Would that described it?

Just wondering. I dont have obvious mania or other people would have noticed. Not sure about the above though.


is hypomania a small high…Im not too sure myself


I’ve also been wondering this.
And what’s the difference between a mixed state, hypomania, and mania?


I have no clue…

Only thing I know from mania is the few people i knew (for example in the ward) where everyone from 3km distance could see they were manic. Im not like that.

Hypomania is supposed to be a little less obvious and severe??? And mixed state…???

My friend said this and now i wonder, but nobody really explained to me the difference between “normal euphoria”, hypomania, mania, mixed state.

Perhaps i am just a little more emotional and temperamental in both ways than the average person. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the answer either because I don’t recognize any of these states in myself when they are there. Good thing my pdoc and nurses can recognize it.

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Hypomania is a less severe state of mania, one that doesn’t interfere too much with your life. In hypomania, I feel extremely good, overly energetic and sped up. My mind races and I feel brilliant and creative. I sleep much less and still feel rested and ready to go every morning. I talk a lot more, making a lot of jokes and feeling like the life of the party. I sometime talk really fast.

Mania is like this only carried to the next level. It can be extremely damaging to your life as people do all sorts of reckless things. Spending sprees, irresponsible sexual situations, driving too fast and recklessly…feeling invincible to a startling degree. people who are manic also can be very irritable and belligerent, getting into fights a lot. Many hear voices and become delusional. It is a terrible thing to deal with and frequently lands them in the hospital. luckily I don’t get extremely manic.

A mixed state is the worst of all. It is a mixture of all the agitation and energy of mania with the racing thoughts coupled to the suicidal thoughts of depression. it is the most dangerous state and when many people commit suicide because they have the suicidal thoughts and the energy to carry it out. I have had many mixed states and it is the worst thing I have ever experience in my life.


With hypomania I feel productive. I barely get it anymore. I’m mostly depressed with cognitive impairment.

Great explanation.


Thanks you all. @disciple that is a great explanation. How long do such moods last?

I have severe depression with delusions at times. So im 100% sure there is something going on with my mood. Psychosis & depression are companions in me, they always come together.

The other side of the scale…im not sure what is going on with me. I suspect my mood swings a little further that way too at times, but it is rarer and less bothersome than the depression, so i dont suppose it is severe.

Will ask nurse about it next time! :slight_smile:

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Usually the hypomania lasts a couple weeks for me. I haven’t been extremely manic in a long time but it didn’t last very long when I was. Maybe a week. It is the depression I spend most of my time in. Last time I was depressed it lasted like two months. I just came out of it earlier this month. It is by far the mood I deal with the most.

I think talking to your nurse about these things is the way to go.


Thanks. Sorry you are spending much time in depression, good that it has lifted now. I seem to also be climbing out of one. :slight_smile:

It is weird. Sometimes horrible things happen and im okay, sometimes all is great and well and im suicidal and depressed. My mood at times cares little about circumstances, save for the normal emotions (e.g. when someone dies, i can be sad, but stable).


Yeah that’s why it’s a mood disorder. It has nothing to do with what’s going on in our lives. I get depressed when its sunny and beautiful outside and all is right with the world. I also get hypomanic and euphoric during the dreariest autumn days. That’s just the way it is I guess.


If you’re hypomanic and in love, you feel like you are fully capable of moving mountains to get to that other person. Causes the worst kind of behavior / bridge burning, where the person resorts to any means to get to his goal.


In hypomania I feel like I can do anything! I have a hard time going to sleep and I wake up rip roaring ready to go! I make all these plans with people and I start all these projects! I clean a lot. I laugh a lot. I stay out with the kids all day going from place to place without coming home.

In a mixed state I have lots of energy but I am suicidal. I can’t sleep, but I’m not make. I’m more angry and frustrated. I feel like my body gets ahead of me and I can’t control it. I do a lot but I accomplish little. Things are not done well.


I get hypomania states lasting from a few hours to a few days. Not so much now since being on meds.

I get euphoric and want to dance and laugh at lot and feel people can read my mind and I get voices.

Sometimes I have mixed states when I have high energy and irritable and want to cut myself and pace the floor. Also doesn’t last long but it’s intense while it lasts and sometimes I have had to go to hospital

My depression lasts for months though. Wish I had more hypomania to balance it out but fortunately my meds helping a lot to push me into normal mood.


Hypomania for me lasts a day maybe two. I am productive and happy. It is as close to what I imagine normal people feel.

With mania I want to do ALL the things and even become ready to fight. I’ve gotten into trouble in a psych ward because of it.

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I agree 100% with @disciple. Interms of mood mixed states is the worst and I am a mixed state bipolar sufferer. Good job with the description


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