What does "151515" mean?

I have to ask, as I am still new. I see it and wonder what it means.

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You can’t use less than 15 characters in a post,

So to fill up space people will type 15151515 or 123456,

Something like that.

Try to post something that just says “yes” and you’ll see.

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Actually, that’s happened to me. I hate those red flags. Thanks.

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I wish that all my problems were this easy to solve.


I remember an old thread about medications some months ago. A member posted something like: “Invega 9mg 151515” this is just an example, I don’t remember well, and the new user was like: “Why do you say 151515 I know you wrote 9mg lol” It was so funny at that time :laughing:

Yes, 15 is just a “filler” because the software requires at least 15 characters.

However if you type 15 too much @Rhubot’s mysterious, and precocious cats might come to your door and ask for some tuna. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :v:


  • Monte

I was confused the first time I saw it, too! lol There are a lot of little acronyms and things around here

:open_mouth: 141414


Seen that one, too. Just a joke, yes?

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I had this question in my mind too… 15151515

Borath, what is your picture icon of?

It’s the password to the computer that the Universe runs on.

Best place to hide it is in plain sight! haha


We are very a mysterious group of mi suffers afflicted with versions of sza/sz while most of us see a pdoc or a T an rx can be paramount to recovery. Sometimes we start out with a psychosis nos label and few of us are on ssdi or ssi or nhs disability. But be patient of you don’t have a dx so in the meantime put on a cd. :slight_smile:

It’s an impressionistic self-portrait done blind drunk, ha-ha.

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