What do you want to do in life?

I want to do a revolution in Israel, so that everyone can have total control of their parameters,
total control of their thoughts, and only people with the best parameters are hired for ALL the jobs.
Under these conditions I would probably work at a university in Israel in a mathematics department.
I am, actually for, automation of the entire workforce and a creation of unlimited supply of artificial jobs to answer demand, I think such jobs should be non paid,and that’s it.

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I want to continue to volunteer, like I am doing, and continue learning to play keyboards, like I am doing. Hopefully I will eventually go back to composing and producing music someday.


I want to be a psychiatrist so I can help other people with mental illnesses


I want to open my own marketing business and help people with schizophrenia in my campaigns.

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What? Or who?..

I want to be happy and without worries about my mental health :roll_eyes:
And I don’t know where I want to work… Maybe something related with business

I want to get my own apartment, lose weight, and get a girlfriend who is accepting of my limitations.


Get my own place, own nice things, get my dream car (Audi R8), run several businesses that I enjoy, and find a boyfriend/husband that I truly love. I want to feel proud of myself again. And I want to earn it.

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nothing. To be happy and thrive.


Same here. I also have some aspirations to write, but it seems like I always did set my sights on a far off, distant goal.

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Computer technology and software… It’s a more popular choice for people these days, but I think it’s still a very safe area to get into…

There will always be more folks that do not understand computers than those that do.

Cool. What kind of stuff do you want to write?

Literary stuff. Or, failing that, just some good yarns. I’ve written a number of short stories, and a couple of novellas, but so far my output has been sparse.

I wanted to do some of that in high school but I couldn’t write anything long enough. I make Industrial music and I can’t even flesh anything out enough to move forward with my current track.

I want to survive the next few months.

I want to be a professional artist with a Patreon account one day.

i want to do well at my studies and graduate with a bachelors degree in anthropology at some point. i want to make some new friends who i can hang out with, right now i just talk to my siblings. i want to be courageous enough to eventually get back in the social aspect of things and form my own social network. more so than anything else i want to be in control of my schizophrenia with minimal relapses (i have them every week), and with the ultimate goal being me going into remission. those aren’t my priorities in order but all of these things are very important to me.

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I want to retrain as a psychiatric nurse in the immediate future and have the capacity to do the job. Often, I feel helpless.

I would like to have a child with a man who I have fallen in love with and take care of said child in my own home rather than shipping them off to daycare.

I’d like to overcome social anxiety and depression as I have overcome schizophrenia.

I’d like to study for a PHD in Art History.

I just feel so weak…

Learn photography and take some special unique photos only a schizophrenic could take

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I want to get disability pension and be well enough to volunteer work for meals on wheels or similar.

But my mum is disappointed with that and thinks I should open my own business and get paid to do care work because I have certificate 3 in Aged care that I paid for myself with money I had saved and it took me two years to complete the course.

I can not endure majority people perhaps or my social difficulties and symptoms can be a huge problem and prevent me.

I was employed but had to quit.
Too many clients for me and clients I was not comfortable with but felt aweful being around.
It was tormenting me just like dinners and my boyfriends visitors at home can do but luckily I can usually go for s walk or go away for a while.

I care though.

I have love and care Even for my enemies which is strange cause they hate me but I do t hate them I just do not like them or their behaviour.

If I could have just one client to care for who I feel comfortable with.
I care for my boyfriend and do wait on him and even his visitors before I excuse myself and leave such as make coffee .

I would love to have just one client I am comfortable with n vice versa and that I get paid for my time and work aswell.

I think I work with my eons n have been workaholic but my person does t get paid for that…

I want to lose a few kg in a healthy way.
Start walking more.
Eat great n well.
Finish blancet I’m making.

Do good n be good which I believe I do.:innocent:

I want improve my physical appearance.

I want to have great relationships and true real friends etc

Even if it’s just in spirit or so.

I want my neigher to arrive safe and well and be happy with me and start riding her again.

There’s a little of what I may want.

There is more though!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush::ghost: