What do you think you would be doing right now if you never became ill

i was in school and I had decent grades but they started to get bad once I got into drugs and I couldn’t even go to school anymore when I became ill I hid in the basement under the couch from my mom because I hated school so much hearing everybody talking about me and listening to my thoughts.

I feel like if I never did drugs or became ill I would probably be doing pretty good in school and probably have friends and actual reasons to want to live instead of being alone and not wanting to even try to do anything like my life is already over


I’d be mr. Joe Average. I’d have a degree. I’d be married. I would have sleep walked into having kids. I’d be working in I.T.

I would never have left the country of my birth except maybe for a holiday.

There is one issue. I’m an alcoholic, and I assume that would have been the same even if I didn’t have schizophrenia. So maybe I would have been screwed whichever way. 3 years sober now though.


I am not sure…


I am happy with myself compared to people around me even with scz
Lucky girl I guess.

Who knows what the days will bring. so don’t give up. You are aware at least. The worst part of your life is over. Just try to get healthy, achieve what you always wanted. It is never impossible.

Do you want me to quote audrey hepburn?

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I’d be working 12 hours a day for big pay and no life, living in a small apt filled with boxes, and probably hating every minute of it

what are you doing now? this is interesting :smiley:

Live in another country where it’s sunny and warm, big townhouse, car I like, play tennis, take language classes and hang out with my wife. Sometimes golf. Basically retired

as long as you are happy. :o) I am happy for you.

No kids? Just snuggles ? :smiley:


Working on kids, that’s the big thing. Overall I’m in generally good spirits. I used to feel like I was very unlucky when I was young, and I’ve been unlucky with my mental health, but some things do make me feel lucky

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I probably would have been a lawyer or a psychiatrist, and I probably would have been miserable at both jobs. It would have been better for me to be a fireman or a wildlife ecologist - some kind of low pressure job, but I wouldn’t have had enough insight into my own nature to understand that. I might have actually been driven to suicide as a lawyer or a psychiatrist.

sadly i would probably still be drinking heavily and doing drugs

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I would be working, I would be married, maybe have a baby.

I think, considering my drug use, I would probably be hanging about with the wrong crowd

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Living the life with a career

I don’t see how it didn’t happen. So many things built up to it it’s like I was fudged to begin with.

I would be a Captain with United Airlines making about $20,000 a month.

Such is life.

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I would have finished college and gone off to graduate or medical school.
I would have married a nice girl and started a family.

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If I weren’t ill, then I would by now:

  • had a masters degree
  • had a great job that I enjoyed
  • figured out what I wanted to do with my life
  • made good life choices
  • had friends
  • felt amazing every day
  • felt happy with life
  • had my parents feel proud of me
  • had my parents not worry about my future
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I would have completed med school, and would be well established by now in my career as a doctor, not sure which field. I would probably be married as well, don’t know about kids.

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I’d have gone into Dental Hygiene. I’d have a little money saved up, a dog and a boyfriend as well perhaps? More fulfilling friendships, better relationships with my nephews. Would have my drivers licence. I’d be taking better care of my mom for sure.

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