What do you think of Kim Davis?

Google her name - Kim Davis

She needs to relax. It’s only life after all. Let homosexuals marry idg what the big deal is on this ish.

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If they really want to make martyrs out of christians then they can be prepared for alot of people to be converted or become more zealous for their faith. just as the roman empire tried to make martyrs out of christians, the only thing they achieved is for christianity to grow and finally to take over the whole roman state.

I think gays getting married is an ‘older persons’ beef…

Today’s youth don’t really care about the issue in my opinion. They are all like, ‘What’s the big deal?’


You are absolutely right:


thats a small poll though, only 1000 people. im not doubting that the numbers would be significantly changed when more people were asked but one could perhaps get a fairer representation if they asked around 100.000 people. like they do in germany when they ask the whole population what their faith or religious affiliation is.

I said that because I believe today’s youth are more “worldly” in their outlook on such issues…and less petty than their parent’s generation.

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Have you ever taken a statistics class? Your belief is innaccurate:

“on a typical telephone survey of 1,500 members of the U.S. adult population, the margin of sampling error is plus or minus 2.9 percentage points at the 95 percent level of confidence.”


im not familiar with how these polls are taken but im assuming that people of different ages are randomly chosen to be asked? but if that is the case are they asking different states and locations? because if they arent then the results might end up to be inaccurate of the whole country. are they asking different social classes and neighborhoods? or is one - the middle class for example - class asked only? if you ask the wealthy 1 percent of the population then their poll results will be totally different from the rest of the population because they will be significantly more liberal. all of these specific devisions matter greatly in polls.

I’d give you an answer to your query…

But I don’t talk to you anymore. You asked women on this board creepy sexual questions…then you threatened waterway.

I’m done conversing with you, Dude.

I thought telephone surveys weren’t scientific? Or maybe I’m thinking online polls. I forgot.

i think kim davis is a just a hypocrite. She claims to just be following the bible but shes been divorced 3 times. she is now in contempt of court and was arrested. If she doesn’t want issue same sex couples licenses then she should quit her job. Her doing her job shouldn’t be based on her own personal opinions.

Liking the trend here… But I’m a liberal.

I feel bad for her, but I think she needs to step down from her job. I support marriage equality, but a few years back I worked for Hess, where I was required to sell cigarettes. That is morally reprehensible to me. I felt like I was complicit in the deaths of hundreds of people who I had to sell cigarettes to. In the end, I couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I quit. I needed the job and I needed the money, but it wasn’t worth selling my soul.

If she feels that deeply about the situation, the only morally just thing to do is quit. I think it is unfair that she can still collect benefits, a pension, and a salary while refusing to do a basic part of her job.

The smokers are choosing to smoke… Pretty much every time. That’s not your fault at all.

They are addicts and I was working for a company that took advantage of their addiction. I also had trouble selling lottery tickets to certain people. The ones who came in unwashed clothes and paid with whatever spare change they could find. And they came in daily. I tried cutting one guy off, but my manager yelled at me. I am much happier not working at a place designed to prey upon the weak.

I don’t know what Hess is I assumed it was a convienince store.

Big tobacco is evil good on you for not being a part of it… All the same though… Addiction is just a concept.

People quit every day

I’m ashamed to say I live in Kentucky, but a much more progress area than Rowan county at least.

“Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity and into the dream.”

Kim is a demented avenger like we all begin.

I think she’s an idiot. She needed to do her job, but she refused to just because the couple was gay. I get religious opinions and all that, but she should have done her job, even if she thinks it’s a bad thing.

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