What do you Think about the California Care Court

The Care Court in California reminds very much of the mental system here in Danmark where we have almost no homeless.because most of the mental ill populations are in treatment with meds.
What do you Think about the Care Court in California ?

I’m against this.

There is no infrastructure and funding to guarantee long term care.

Denmark has it built in social safety nets that make it work if I’m wrong. I’m not completely versed in Denmark policies and services.

Also just ethical and personal autonomy reasons make me worry. If someone wants to force me to go to court and I’m homeless at any point. .

I’m for it if a person cannot pass reality testing. I have lived rough with delusional homeless. Anything is better than leaving them where they are.

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Not only family members
But police fire fighters anyone encountering the person can take an access a person as possibly “needing treatment” and take them to this care court.

No way there is no bias against the MI
This leaves room for so much abuse

Only if they don’t pass reality testing. That means they need help.

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I lived in Oakland for 2 years, homelessness is the number 1 problem. Couldn’t go a single day without seeing human feces on the sidewalk. Several of the homeless I ran into were easily diagnosable with a MI, exhibiting strange behaviors. I got flashed a lot, saw more penises than in my previous 30 years of life combined, in one year in Oakland. I think SOME type of program, anything, would be good.

Also, I’m a schizophrenic… and I’m the one complaining about other people’s mental stability. That should say something about the situation’s severity.