What do you make of this saying

Life is unfair.
What is ur opinion on it or take on it or interpretation of it?

Life’s not meant to be fair.

I think it’s true for schizophrenics. Nobody asks to have a mental illness and so life is unfair to us.

Life is unfair means to me that from one end they take it from you and from the other end you get it back.

Life is unfair but we don’t complain when it’s unfair in our favour I guess. Which it is from time to time.

I associate it with another saying: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Words I try to live by. I sometimes slip up but after those moments I have to remember to be kind to myself.

I think I went off-topic…:laughing:


Yea I forget to be kind to myself and then I remember n it feels good to be kind to yourself giving out loving feelings to yourself. Sometimes it’s not so easy but maybe it comes with time

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