Voices are they apart of you

Hi, do you think your voices are apart of you?

It’s taken me a while to realize my voices are self generated… I’m not hearing God… I’m not sonically hearing the neighbors… it’s all just me in there…

So since my voices are from my head… then they are apart of me.

I think they’re a “part of me” in the sense that my brain manufactures them. I have no control over them, but they emanate from my mind. Not much I can do about that except keep popping pills twice a day. C’est la vie.

I know they are part of me. But I hear them not as a part of me. They come from outside.

I don’t know about “voices”, but some of my symptoms are a part of me. I hate those symptoms too. I’d give a lot to be rid of them.

It seems like most posters on this thread are developing insight.

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They’re symptoms of a medical condition. The condition is treatable. Meds, therapy, and a positive attitude have mostly freed me from hearing voices and experiencing delusional thinking.



I hear voices in my right ear, not inside my head. I know intellectually that it’s my mind, but they’re physically very real. I don’t think about it anymore.

I know for a fact the voices I hear are not me, the person writing this right now. How could I have known while in my bed asleep that 9/11 was has happening? The voice knew and told me in my dream screaming it so much to wake me up and told me when I woke up (the first clear “voice” I ever heard without anyone attached to it). That is what kicked off this psyche drama to begin with.

Yeah … not me.

But then again I have come to understand we are all connected in some way. True insight involves knowing that.

I dreamed about 9/11 before it happened!

I didn’t know the voices were going on, I was deaf to them. Couldn’t pin point all my stress. But it’s coming from my head. Me yelling at me.

Lot’s of us dreamed about 9/11 before it happened or while it was happening. We are DEFINITELY not TRASH to be left in projects or on poverty dole. OUR PEOPLE are Wonderful and SENSITIVE and just what this ■■■■■■ up world requires! Don’t let ANYONE tell you different! You are loved!

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