What do you do to keep in touch with reality?

Please share to us what you do to keep in touch with reality. I’m sure some of us would benefit from your tips…

I think i should share first.

Since my religion is christianity (tho not active), I listen to some christian sermon on the internet and somehow learned some insight from christian truth on how this world works. But i keep some skepticism from some preachers since there are many false prophets and false teachers in this world.

I try to avoid the information overflow and try to keep it simple.

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One good way is to find people who are grounded in reality that you trust. Use them as a sounding board to reality check. If they think you’re veering off the tracks then there’s a good chance that something’s wrong.


I will ask a family member I trust if something sounds logical… or if my theory’s make sense.

If I’m starting to get the panic… I’ll leave the area and tell myself that nothing is wrong around me… (as long as nothing is wrong around me)

Sometimes I just have to accept what I see and hear and let the flow… not let it stick.

Or I try to focus on an easy task that helps me distract myself… I usually putter in the garden… I can replant something… get the roses ready for spring… do any of that and just ignore what my head circus is trying to do.

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When I’m uncertain or anxious about something, I keep checking my assumptions.

I ask myself questions… why do I think that, what makes me believe this is true? Can I verify this another way? What do other people think? What are the odds that I’m right. What are the consequences if I’m wrong, etc.

If I’m uncertain, I try to let it go, and say I don’t know. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to say that your reality is you don’t know something is true one or the other.

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I had to accept the fact that I have no idea what reality is and I quit trying to figure it out. I just go with the flow.

that is so true, i think you have to try and be your own best friend and put yourself in the counsellors/psychologists shoes, ask yourself what would he think or do or say

look at things from different points of view, question everything and also laugh at yourself and your misgivings, no point getting tied in a knot about things,

my biggest reality check would also be having a routine and having things to do. have a friend that you can do things with if you can, my friend is a huge reality checker for me,

if my routine or my sleeping pattern starts to suffer then that is a reality check/warning sign for me,

lots of things i think, can’t forget the meds and docs appointments though lol

I watch a TV show when I’m too far out.

I excersise for me that helps expel the negative energy rather than have it sit and grow until my delusion loop starts.

I also read peoples posts on mental sites because it comforts me to know that im not the only one like this and reaffirms that my delusions are not real as lots of people have the same delusions sometimes ill spend all night just going around different sites reading posts that are years old and afterwards I feel normal in my disorder.

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