What do you do on weekend nights?

I used to party party party. Now I mostly spend weekend nights at my parents watching Seinfeld and cruising the web. I don’t mind the change, I rather like it in fact. But I’m definitely getting older!


Sitting on my phone, drinking stevia water and coffee :coffee:


same thing i do everynight. nap and watch tv


Go to Internet forums watch whatever my parents are watching sometimes I play video games a little bit listen to music a lot and homework. I started playing video games with my brother sister and my sisters fiancé while talking through discord for a couple of hours which is nice. I miss my sister we used to talk and text everyday but now I only talk like once a week on average it makes me sad



My husband and I have a date night,

But right now my mother in law is in the hospital,

So no date.

He’ll likely come home late from seeing her, we’ll have dinner and go to bed.


I work weekend nights.

I picked up my Fridays again so I’ll make some extra money. Speaking about money. I worked 45 hour last pay and job paid me for 61. I told them about it after I spent the money. I came into work and saw the records. I told hr and may need to pay it back. They are closed for the weekend.

But anyway yeah I work on the weekends. I’ve missed so many family events and holidays. But I’m a loner. I don’t have to many friends and stay to myself so it doesn’t matter if I miss something. Most of my family and friend are busy or I don’t want to hang with them if they are free black white birds if you know what I mean.

But about work since I have the weekend shift. I work at a parking lot. It’s chill. Friday after 8 my weekend starts lol. And Saturday and Sunday I don’t get to much traffic. I hardly done a lick of work today though I’m backed up because I was on here.

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Well I just tried calling my NA sponsor and got voicemail. Nothing much to do. Waiting for my sponsor to call me back. Hanging out on this forum.


I talk to people on this forum, try and read some books, text/call old friends. I don’t lead a busy life. I’m hoping going back to school will change that.

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Getting older and economicly efficent bodywise. Rest a lot.

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Talk to mai voises.,

Lissen 2 music.,

Smoke smokes.,

Eat chips, sometimes.,

Drink soda!.,

Lissen, talk, laugh, cry, remember love from mai past.,


And slither away from danger as I quietly pray!.,

By tha way.,

Check out 105.5!!! !! !!!


Mostly just hang out. I have dinner with my parents and then spend the evening listening to music and surfing the internet. Same thing i do through the week, basically.


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