What do you do in treatment resistant schizophrenia | Help | What meds cured your psychosis?

looking for codes in speech/clang association,
symptoms of ‘hurt OCD’,
extreme fatigue,
extreme avolition and apathy,
loss of contact with reality/general psychosis and confused/disorganized thinking
occasional voices,
intrusive thoughts/loud unctrollable thoughts, usually about paranoia related to hurt ocd,
ADHD symptoms,
what would appear to be intense depression, though i laugh a lot to myself in a sort of insane way…so not depression? idk
and others…

Insight comes and goes.
But my nurse and pdoc have it wrong about me…I dont need lifestyle changes. I need a medication that actually works.

Current meds:
Invega 100mg injection,
rexulti 3mg,
paxil 20mg,
vyvanse 70mg,
and modafinil 300 mg which is new and I may stop because it causes paranoia and being suspicious of others leading to a very bad, agitated mood.

What do you do when your treatment resistant?

APs Ive been on,
Invega oral 3-12 mg and injection 100-234 mg
Abilify oral 5-35 mg and injection 400mg
Rexulti 1 to 4 mg
Olanzapine 10-25 mg

It’s been four years and I fail to get anything out of my pdoc visits. I often leave wondering “whats the catch”? Meaning, what am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

I’ve abused all the drugs over this time since getting the Dx. I didn’t realize it does damage to the brain more so in schizophrenics than normal people, due to the interactions (opposing effects) with antipsychotics. But I’m sober now. Though I’m suspicious of supplements messing with me such as CBD hemp oil or L-theanine, and kava kava. Also used kratom, that stuff really is just the asian version of bath salts. Stuff makes me insane.

What med worked for you when none other would?


Invega Sustenna, Zyprexa and Seroquel worked the best for me.


I take Ziprasidone 80 mg in total and Clozapine 325 mg, and these work very well for me.

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500mg of Clozapine a day, did the trick for me. :koala::koala::koala:

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Treatment resistant sz is usually treated with clozapine. I just started it.


The doctor messed up my chance with clozaril…big time.

Anyways, i like the meds that work on negatives since they are bad…

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Old school APs initially at heavy doses, and a complete attitude shift. I started doing what doctors told me, I started taking meds as directed, I started doing the therapy earnestly. I made a commitment to recovering. Had to inch my way from there to here, but I made it. Now I’m functioning well on what is considered below a maintenance dose of APs.


I had treatment resistant schizophrenia, then i started clozaril, that medication saved my life, i am on it since 2011 and am doing well, i am on 525mg every night!


the combination of risperdal consta 50mg and 200mg clozapine a day did the trick for me… I was treatment resistant too… took a long time to find the right meds.

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Lurasidone (Latuda) has worked FAR BETTER than any other med I have tried. It works 100%. 60mg

I’m on Zyprexa. 20mg a day. It helps decrease the symptoms, made them milder and weaker, gave me some extra insight, but no med has ever taken the symptoms away completely.

I haven’t tried it, but I’ve been offered to try clozapine if I find the Zyprexa isn’t cutting it.

I don’t want the blood tests, or the side effect risks.

I take invega susstenna 156mg and perphenazine 16 mg and luvox 100 mg. These combo have made me functional again.

Oh, I’m so sorry you don’t have a sympathetic mental health care team @word . I was a treatment resistant sza for 33 years when my pdoc finally hit upon a combo of AP’s and an AD that finally did the trick after a literal lifetime of suffering and torture from this illness.

The miracle meds for me were: Risperdal Consta shots, Geodon, Seroquel and Celexa.