What do you do in an Average Week? (poll)

What do you do in an average week?

  • Not a lot
  • Some things
  • Lots of things
  • Not enough
  • Too much
  • Nothing
  • Not saying

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I’m pretty lazy. I do PSR but not often enough.

I’m lazy but I still work

I try to do an activity everyday that gets me up and dressed and moving. It’s only the rare occasion that I don’t get dressed and ready for the day. Before I moved I would stay in my sleep clothes and in bed all the time, I was really depressed.


My psychologist is trying to get me to do more things.

I feel I need support doing stuff outside of work though.

There is a peer mentor thing I could do where they take you out to places.

It’s only 10 times, and it’s temporary. I would feel uncomfortable doing it as it’s like having a fake pity friend,

I voted some things. But I think maybe I do more than I think I do? I always thought I didn’t do much, but given how much I’ve tried (and not been able) to do today because it’s things I do every day, I’m beginning to suspect I actually do a lot.

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Lots of things, sometimes for me it is too much. I’ve been a little stressed out lately because we are in these dumb classes that are pointless but assign a ton of work.

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i play a lot of computer games and talk to people on watsup or the forum

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I do a lot. I walk the dog twice a day. I read I build and paint warhammer. I play video games. I do a weekly grocery shop. Clean. Do laundry. Go to a support group. And probably many other things.

I don’t do enough of what I should be doing. I’m pretty useless.

I do a lot of some things and not enough of other things.

hopefully more now that I have a job. But before that, I was useless. I voted “not enough”

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how is the job going @anon49063606? was it a janitor or something?

Some days are better than others. Usually just do mom and wife stuff. Sit a lot. Battle no motivation for a lot of the day. I write lists. When I’m not forced by deadlines or definite needs then I am stuck sitting and staring… or recovering from activity the same way.
My husband is very social so we end up with friends at least once a week. I go with the flow to be normalish for him.

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yeah @mrhappy tonight was my first night. It was really easy. Pay isn’t all that great, but I’m not worried about that. I’m just looking to do something productive and get out of the house a little bit.

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3 x I walk my brothers dogs, go to the gym four times week,volunteer work 3x week, read, watch Netflix except cant now because my internet is playing up.

Visit my sacred neigh once or twice a week.

I do some activity most days.

I’m happy with my daily activities.
I’m also proud of the good I do do and don’t compare myself to others who may be more productive.

Appreciate others and good they do but I know myself and am happy with what I do now.

I’m considering volunteer work at another place aswell if they will have me and I can get there.

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Voted nothing not counting shopping, chores, reading and gaming. My life is on hold until I force myself to do a graphic design for my portfolio that has only six entries so far. And I’m only happy with 2 of them.

i feel tired all the time especially now in australian summer.maybe because im turning 40 this year,yeah im getting old.i do feel better in winter though.

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Average nothing. On the average, of course.

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