What do we really know about vaping?


Interesting. Round here you are not allowed them on hospital grounds

If there is any risk it’s in the flavor. That’s why I smoke straight nic and vg

I noticed on the vuse boxes there is a cancer warning for one of the ingredients.

My brother vapes - and when he first started using it he got sores all around his mouth. I only vape when im too poor to buy tobacco. I flit between the two.

Ive been vaping for 2 years and think it’s the lesser of two evils. My smokers cough has gone and I haven’t had bronchitis since switching to e-cigs. I know it’s probably still bad for me though.

We’re probably not going to know for about 20+ years from now if vaping has a detrimental affect on one’s health. It seems benign but you never know.

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