What do healthy people think about?

I find that pretty much, the only things I think about are

a) bad things that happened in the past
b) religion
c) my illness

I want to expand my mental interests. What the hell do people think about?


Read books, it gives you something else to think about.


at first you said novels, i would stick with your original post. The non-novel books I have are all about religion.

I got this from teh library.


I wrote “fiction” but thought about it, and non-fiction is also good :slight_smile: There’s a new Jonathan Safran Foer book, “I am here”, about a Jewish family living in New York, I’m going to buy it, think it’s worth it.

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If you have basic computer knowledge, then you can start your own web site and do whatever you want.


I think what computer games to buy and or should i buy, thinking going to therapist, and what should i ocupy myself but not ocupying anything.

I obsess over things. Next therapist’s appointment, med side effects, etc. And I have a very detailed fantasy world that I live in as well, in my thoughts.

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A healthy married person with a job and kids spends most of their time thinking about their job, marriage and kids. If they’re lucky, they have a hobby too.


I guess they think about their problems, mostly lack of money really. Silly people… They have no idea how lucky they are.


Start thinking about who you are… your beliefs, your attitude, your values. Its a great place to start. It’s really the core of you. Take responsibility for the disorder in your life. One of the sanest things I can say. SZ is not a killer. You are the change. Are you someone who dwells in the past or in the present and future?

Hope you well. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

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I do to, have a detailed fantasy world I exist in in my own head. It makes dealing with things in real life that counter the fantasy kind of hard.

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They probably don’t think as much as we do.


What do healthy people think about?

Probably the same as everyone else SEX!

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my brain skips or freezes when i run into something emotionally painful so i sort of assume healthy people can process those thoughts, put them in perspective, rationalize away their faults, that sort of fun stuff. they can think about things despite being unhappy with them and can think about things that make them happy in a more balanced sort of way, without guilt and acknowledging the holes rather than needing to make it perfect. these are the things that keep our minds from wandering, i suspect.

Not all “healthy” think only about food, money and sex. I wouldn’t generalize. I know a lot of people who, for instance, work at University and they also happen to do a lot of intellectual work, depends of their professional field.
They are just lucky to be mostly unaware of psychiatric issues and how its like when your mind turns against you.

religion, your past, and your illness are quite deep areas that I don’t think need expanding, though I can tell that such thoughts can lead to a depressive mood.

If you want, you can think about things that you like to do. what are your hobbies and interests? my interests are poetry, video games, religion, etc. you can even find online communities that revolve around your interests or people on the internet who share your interests, so that you are more stimulated to think about them.

like I found an online poetry community about a year ago where I could share all my poetry. then Paper Mario: Color Splash came out, and I started watching video walkthroughs and Let’s Plays of that game through individual youtubers. I even found a virtual religious community where I can talk about things that I read in special books.

in my view, i dont think anyone is totally mentally healthy. however, the degree of mental health often depends on a lifestyle and care for oneself… in my view. its been said, reading, writing, art, positive outlets of all kinds… exercise… etc… ya know? its really true… for us it seems Meds are of much paramount in our health… yet i find there is much more to pursue than just meds…

in my pursuit of health :slight_smile: hobbies rock… many folk build models :slight_smile: many edit film or music… much to occupy our time to be productive rather than stew :slight_smile:

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Sports like yoga or running or swimming / cycling

endless obsessions

I would like to know what they think about too because I’ve always been stuck in the past or confused.

Normal people certainly have worries and fears, hopes and dreams, hobbies and interests just like everyone else. They don’t think like we do though, that’s what makes us people with schizophrenia and not normal people.

I have a lot of respect for people dealing with this illness because we still have to live too, and we still want to live a normal life, and we have to deal with a lot that most don’t. But don’t think that other people are perfectly happy or don’t have extreme difficulties as well.

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