What did you know about schizophrenia before you're diagnosis?

I can’t remember but

Split personality

Everything I knew about it was from when we watched ‘A Beautiful Mind’ in high school

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voices and weird behaviour. like the crazy men wandering on the streets.

Don’t know All least 1 year My friend realized I was not normal.I also found myself abnormal, but my parents did not understand it.I only Do something I can not do without after dropping out of school

I knew someone with the diagnosis by chance. It looked to me like a personality disorder. Specifically antisocial personality disorder, where they are manipulative and generally victim playing. Heard once that this girl with the diagnosis was thrown into an empty room with no lights by her family and they locked the door. She also said she was chased out of a guy’s house by the guy, with a baseball bat, and was raped. Then she was also the one to come onto me after such things have been said and ect. ect. I’ve said this many times already.

Anyways, I didn’t know anything about schizophrenia until the diagnosis.

Knew a family friend who was diagnosed at birth. He just seemed a little strange to me.

At birth? How does that happen?

i posted on some kind of similiar topic before that i never thought anything wrong with them. I actually found them interesting, and most likely misunderstood. I didnt know all their sympthoms also, but i would like to think that anybody and everybody regardless who… is part of a bigger puzzle.

I have heard that some babies are born with abnormal emotions, such as babies crying and crying, and there is abnormal behavior Which website seems to be forgotten

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Normal babies should stop crying slowly, but others cry suddenly and laughter

I don’t know. I remember he was also called autistic. This would have been in the late '30’s when mental illness was rarely mentioned.

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I don’t remember. I got diagnosed at nearly 19 and I think I only knew about sz about that time. Read in books about voices and delusions and it made sense to me.

I knew more then others. I knew it was a mix of delusions and hallucinations (auditory usually, but also visual)

I didn’t learn about positive or negative symptoms until later. But I’m glad I knew the difference between schizophrenia and DID.

I was always interested in psychology though.

Only what i learned from hip hop and when i saw people talk to themselves. I didn’t really pay much attention to it in my early years before i hit 17

I learned some more stuff in abnormal psychology than I would have otherwise, so I knew an alright amount about it

I didn’t know what it was at all and it was 6 years after diagnosis before I accepted it.

I couldn’t believe some of the symptoms. I couldn’t even comprehend them. You see them in movies and on tv.

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