What did you do today?


Worked two hours. Drove through Burger King twice. Took a drive. Walked to the Walgreen’s to get some quarters to do my wash. Did one load. Took a nap since I had been up all night. Made a couple phone calls.


Yesterday, spent the second night at the family nest with my Dad and two of my brothers. We tried to out door grill a salmon. But since we are not Manly men who know what to do with a grill, the salmon ended up more smoked/ burnt then grilled.

So there is NO WAY we would ever just throw away a salmon so my Dad turned half of it into a smoked salmon mousse and made a salmon yaksoba with the parts that didn’t get too over done. All the while my Dad was grumbling… “Well your mother knows how to use that contraption.”


sweet f.a. today so far. have a migraine and time of the month so not feeling great. i’m pissed off in fact. waiting for painkillers to kick in then i’ll be up and out of this bed and doing things. got a whole list of things that need doing but not sure i have the motivation to do them…will find out in about 40 minutes, when the painkillers either work or don’t.


I have 1 house and a second one started that is going to be a solid stone cottage type house…No dogs now though… am working on fixing that…I tend to lose dogs right before winter or during the first part of winter, but they all lived long lives.

As for what I did today…? I think I’ll just say I had a wonderful weekend with the one I love…


I fasted today - it was the first day of Ramadan


I feel like I should fast. I ate too much. It was very hot. I took some books to trade and got a new book with them. The bookstore is next to McDonald’s…


Nice hat, you haven’t seen my in my worst of my psychosis. It takes an armful of pills each night to get me to be able to just do this kind of stuff on a regular basis. I have good days, I have bad days. Just this week yesterday was horrible day for me. I felt so out of it and bad. Today I’m feeling much, much better. It is not being brainwashed, it is having Schizophrenia.

If you do not have the disorder do not try and diagnose us like that. You do not see us personally, daily.

You see us when we feel we can communicate in full sentences and coherent thoughts. You do not see us on days when we want the world to disappear and pray for peace within our selves. You see us the day after when we’ve come back to the world realizing there isn’t going to be total quietness and have accepted it for what it is. Life.


I think this is true. I’ve thought about it. In our culture much of the treatment centers around talking about yourself. People think it’s expected of them . They (present + past) have taught us that we should talk about ourselves, looking for a cure.


I haven’t done much today, not yet anyway. I plan do work on some character development for my story I’m writing later this evening even just a few minutes from now. So far though all I’ve done is take my shower and clean kitties litter box. I’ve played a few games online and watched an episode of the old 80’s show Mama’s family which I bought for dad for father’s day at Timelife.com, then I checked my Facebook and checking the forum here. And that about sums up my day,


I haven’t thought about that show in ages. I love Vicki Lawrence. I am also in awe of Bev Archer she went from simpering Eunice to Sergeant Gunny (major Dad) so well.

That entire cast was so talented.


Not I…as far as being brainwashed… I do agree some pdocs will do all they can to convince someone they are “sick” so they can get the office visits and make money for the pharma companies. I have also noted in extremely busy clinics they will brush you off if you are not a severe case and only see you once a month or even stop sessions altogether, or refer you to some other place. that all sounds like business moves to me. The real serious cases will guarantee the weekly visits and the big money prescriptions

But I had one counselor say when I explained a one time “hallucination” I had tell me “Well, THAT’S Schizophrenic!”. Dude obviously needs to read his DSM 4 (This was before V came out)

I actually am not DX’ed SZ and had my SZA Dx taken off…

I think all pdocs should be required to take a course on shamanism, mysticism, and spirituality so they can be able to differentiate between a mental disorder and a spiritual awakening or abilities…


well, I have to relate this back to my cousin, who is bi polar, who I have spent more time with the past 6 months than ever before in my life. it’s truly maddening to spend alot of time with this woman, she find her job is to be disabled. all she talks about is her doctor appointments, what her therapist said, what her pdoc said, yadda yadda yadda on and on and on.

there’s no way to hae a conversation with her without hearing about all of it.

she made a point to ‘help’ me, which is nice of her, but one day I said I didn’t feel like cleaning by bedroom for example, and she made it a point to accuse me of some label and say I needed a pill for that. what the hell, maybe I’m a slob, or lazy that day, I din’t need to go see a therapist or write down that I don’t feel like doing the damn laundry or cleaning my bedroom!


I would not want her to see my house, LOL…she would recommend a cocktail of meds, not just one pill…Its not really dirty as in unsanitary, but lots of clutter and stuff just laying around… I’m not lazy, I just have so much to do I cant keep up with it all…

We like hardly ever make beds LOL


Bev archer was Iola, Carol Burnett played Eunice


yep… I got that one wrong. But still love the show.


My favorite episode, well I have many actually as much as I can remember (from what I’ve seen so far) would be when Mama gets a job at the ray town travel agency, when mama has dreams and they turn out to be horses in the local horse racing games and they get betting fever, the thanksgiving special when they they have a tornado swipe through the town trapping the Harper’s in the basement for the night, and when Mama gets addicted to Shopping Via the TV.


I like the one where she hits the ATM with her purse because it didn’t give her her money, and she hits the Jackpot…

I taped all the episodes on my VCR, but they’re trashed somewhere.


Your mess seems to be color coordinated.


i have done absolutely nothing today as my muscle spasms were driving me insane so i took half a seroquel and went to bed. so apart from the school run, a shower and cooking dinner, i’ve done absolutely nothing. not good…i’m hoping tomorrow will b a better day.


Wish I had your energy! I find I am actually quite lazy. I need to mow the lawn but to get motivated is hard. I am on 100 mg of Solian & I feel that has a lot to do with it. I do go to the gym though. I do extra lessons from home with 4-9 yr olds too.