What did you do today?

I went to visit the college that I’m attending in the fall. It was nice. I liked it.


I FINALLY made eggroll in a bowl and it was so delicious. A little too much soy sauce, but so good. I’ll know for next time. Plus it’s pretty low calorie, so bonus!


Thats good, I hope it goes well for you.

I tried starting the whole college thing a few years ago, but got discouraged by a professor that said she’d fail us for any reason she saw fit. Thankfully I was able to back out before I had to commit the money to it.

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Then there’s me eating pizza for dinner… At least one of us is healthy. By the way what’s eggroll in a bowl?


I just did the usual routine - laundry and dish washer, plus I went outdoors to enjoy the weather.


I watched some videos, played some games, ran a few errands. Ate some food. Pretty routine for a weekend.

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Homemade eggrolls. The best


It’s not even summer break and I’m already scared that my roommate will try to kill me. I understand not wanting to go… Do you think you’ll ever go back?

Was it nice outside?

I went for a short walk halfway down my street.
I also went shopping at the local market.

Baby Steps


I hope you got to relax. It’s necessary.

I might do something, in the future there will be more and more legitimate unis giving courses online. Maybe then. I think I’d rather just do trade school, those people are much more down to earth I think.

Don’t worry about your roomate. being afraid is okay, but that just means it’s worth doing. There’s gold under that dragon.


I’m happy for you. What did you shop for?

I went to a thrift store, bought a book. Then I went and picked up a few things from the grocery store to get me through the night.

Now I’m just chillin and relaxing with my cat and the radio :slight_smile: .

That’s great you visited your future college. What do you plan on majoring in?


Milk, apple sauce and some frozen veggies.

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The reviews at the bottom said 1/2 cup was too much soy sauce, so I used 1/3 cup and it was still way too much. Next time I’ll use 1/4 cup and DEFINITELY use low sodium.


math and computer science


That looks really good

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It’s super super easy to make, too. The hardest part is cooking the meat. Which isn’t difficult at all, just time consuming.

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Very cool! That’s a great major, and very marketable.

I’m still trying to figure out what to get my bachelors in haha.

I’m going to finish my associate of arts degree first, then go from there.