What date did you joined this site/forum?

@Pikasaur should join this thread. She’ll tear it apart. @anon51414962

Love you @Pikasaur. You’re very sweet.


She did joined look here @ThePickinSkunk

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My apologies @anon51414962 @Pikasaur.

My wording was wrong.



Old forum - sometime in 1998. I almost exclusively posted in the news section until this incarnation of the forum software. I came here while I was then diagnosed schizoaffective mixed type/occasionally bipolar ,


Back in the days (2005) when the old shitty forum-software was used. With times it was a bloody mess (sometimes offline for months) but in hindsight it did help me though to get insight. Was Young back then, I probably should rename my nick to MidLifeSchizo and/or OldSchizo by now :sweat_smile::joy:

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june 3rd, 2016
i was just diagnosed with schizoaffective so i wanted some more insight of my illness.
i may have popped in and out of the forum but overall, i love it.


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