What are your thoughts on the moon?

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The moon usually brings back memories for me. Apart from that I like looking at it. Reminds me how small earth really is in comparison to space. The other day I was having this far out thought about what the sounds of a forming galaxy might be. I imagined every sound we are familiar with even words would be echoed in the vastness. Like a parallel universe but not exactly. It is a little difficult to explain. I don’t know why I had such a thought.

Anyway the moon is amazing. I don’t think mankind could live without it. I’m not 100% sure but I think if the moon wasn’t there we wouldn’t be what we are. I do think man has landed on the moon. I sometimes wonder who else is looking at the moon. Hah reminds me of that song from a movie I can’t recall the title of. One about a little mouse named Fivel. The lyrics go, “Somewhere… out there”


tell your sister that the british and russians were tracking the Apollo missions the whole time. If it was faked, they would have said something a long time ago.

google nvidia moon landing proof . Nvidia (video card maker) proved the photos can not possible be fake.

We nurses could have sworn that all of the confused, demented patients on the wards got crazier on full moons. Now, recent studies have shown that it has no effect. Go figure.


I’m fairly certain anything mood and behavior related according to the moon is all coincidence. My aunt claims full moons make the residents at their nursing home more agitated, though.

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My sister said something like there were 32 photos on a roll of film and all 32 photos were perfect. Usually I guess some are bad.

She is sold on it.

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@SkinnyMe - you are a nurse in a psych ward or or regular hospital/clinic?

My thoughts on the moon? It’s great illumination at night when not obstructed. Other than that, I really have none. Well, maybe one: I hope it sticks around. Being able to see at night can be helpful. :slight_smile:

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Aaaah you beat me to it :joy:

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Worked with this guy years ago whose mum was a police dispatcher. Talking to her and she said nights of the full moon were crazy. Not necessarily the most calls they’d have but the really weird, bizarro things that you’d never expect.

True story but don’t they say the winds in California off the desert do the same?


I think it’s here to stay.

The moon is not d problem its people leaders there r 2 tips overly casual who try to make crowds of people misbehave to drag them to hell and leads who try to make crowds behave proper for every one to b bless. It like we all r in a classroom Jesus Christ the teacher is gone for a time some students push, let’s misbehave. But some try to bring the moon or mood to b correct proper so its the mood not d moon that affects us.

I have a delusion about the moon that leads me to think it is sending messages to me. So I don’t really like to look at the moon anymore.

My father is a fisherman and he says that moon phases influence fish


We had something similar happen at the nursing home I worked at. I also think it was just a coincidence, nothing more than a running joke between coworkers, but I sometimes I would question it.

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As soon as I land on the moon, I’ll let you know.

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Yeah the moon influences the tides which influences the fish

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The moon is a NASA hoax, it’s all lasers and mirrors. There was a budget surplus so they decided to put the extra money towards that project.

It didn’t exist before 1950 but there’s a full-time team tasked with revising history to implant references to “The Moon” wherever possible.

The project has become very expensive, but if NASA stops projecting “The Moon” now, there would be pandemonium!

(This post was a weak attempt at humour.)


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