What are your New Years Resolutions?

Mine are:

Keep good hygiene all year.
Do partial housekeeping everyday.
Against all odds, keep up piano practice.
Acquire a good Spanish tutor.

My partner’s resolutions are:

To celebrate next New Years Eve as one year smoke free.
To maintain self care
Lose 10 lbs.


To stay alive. 15


I want to lose another 47 pounds

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Lose a pound a week= 50 lbs
No cigs
No weed
Find a stable part time job
Date more!


Loose 1 kg each week till i loose 30 kg.
My diet was good in 2020 cause i didn’t gain weight.
Exercise more and hopefully that make me mentally stronger to quit smoking. Alcohol became a problem for me last year , it made me mentally feel better, but i like to reach sobriety and feel good without drinking as it used to be the case in my 30s and 40s. I want to fix my chakras and Meridian flow.

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I’m going to spend all of 2021 telling everyone how much I enjoyed 2020. Which I actually really did.


My year wasn’t too bad either lol, could’ve been worse (I could be dead) lol but there were a lot of positives

For 2021 I would love to get this job as assistant broadcaster at the radio station bc I could do so much good doing that, I’d also love to get a Rodecaster Pro for working from home, it would be nice to meet a nice lady and become her bf, I’d like to go on holiday to one of the small islands on the coast too.

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I don’t really believe in doing New Year’s resolutions anymore, but I’ve made up some goals a few months back.

  • Lose weight
  • Do well in college
  • Improve my relationship with my family
  • Find a job in the summer

There are more, but they’re likely not going to happen in 2021.

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Same as every year: improve my vacuuming skills.


Mine are to gain fifty more pounds and grow out my mustache.



It was the year they canceled all professional sports. I want that every year from now on.

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well maybe not a bad thing for you,

I don’t follow sports much either, don’t follow much really

Think of how many people discovered what a book was this year! Some of them may have even learned they don’t have on switches.

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it was certainly a break from the norm :slight_smile:

Change my eating habits and lose a bit of weight
Find a new part-time job
Read occasionally

I’d also like to pick up the guitar this year, but I don’t think I’ll have time for lessons, we’ll see.


Miss J, my advice with learning guitar is to buy a little comfortable acoustic and look up song tutorials on YouTube.

But taking a little bit of lessons is also good as it can teach you the groundwork of guitar and a little music theory. :slight_smile:

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I have a guitar, and there are tons of good lessons online

But my ass is just lazy lol

I will check out some song tutorials like you suggested though

Sorry for the late reply, today kicked my butt

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I want to improve at art!!

I also want to find a therapist I can work with

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