What are your least favorite songs?

Here is one of my all time least favorites.

If you have a post about all time favorites you should have one of these.


Hard to say but anything rap or similar genre would score very low for me.

country music. The end

rap about smoking weed/■■■■■■■ bitches, country, dubstep, anything that is just stupid and not art.

The White Album is one of my top favorite Beatle records but in high school whenever I played the side with this ‘song’ I literally would pick up the needle and skip it. Really. It honestly scared me and creeped me out. BUT… if you play this ‘song’ backwards it says, " Turn me on deadman, turn me on deadman", over and over.The whole 'Paul is dead" thing.

Cool post!

I really hate Lou Bega - "Mambo Number 5", from the '90s. Just a really crap song.

Also Who Let the Dogs Out is disliked.

Country music…(blank stare)…& anything that has to do with a Boy band.

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Those are the WORST. That Justin Bieber (???) kid just tick’s me off. Not that much talent, exploited to the max and an arrogant little sod to boot. My cousin has a daughter who just LOVES him. But she finally listened to some Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis and some Etta James. Maybe there is hope…

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I can’t stand anything by Katy Perry. It’s just dumb lyrics mixed with over-produced vocals. And her fashion choices are just stupid and attention-seeking


100% agree… Her and Mylee Cirus (???) I’ve seen more pictures of her half naked, with her tongue hanging out, I can’t figure out how she can sing with her tongue out so much? She’s a celeb for being lewd, that’s about it from what I can guess. I hate to say it, and this is a bit not nice…
But I’ve seen porn starts with more class then those two girls… :frowning:


Haha! That was an awesome description!!!

Lol on the porn stars with more class.