What are your favorite TV shows

I do not watch TV much, but I like Storage Hunters and Pawn Shop.

Well since I have only a free digital connection to my TV , I really only like watching the World and Local news programs because they are real, and that is what my brain seems to need the most.

The walking dead, empire, Chicago pd,the flash, Arrow, person of interest, Game of thrones, 24,prison break, breaking bad, the originals, Nikita and teen wolf etc

Narcos is my favorite

I like X factor

Unsung, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Humans, Punk’d

The New “Battle Star Galactica” and “Lost”.

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I loved BSG. 1515

Dexter is up there.

The Vikings, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Fear the Walking Dead

Enjoyed: Dexter, Breaking Bad and Lost.

Lost, Fringe, Sense8, Friends, X-Files, How I met your mother … and more

i cant even remember when was the last time i watched TV. Probably in my teens. Back then i watched Lost, but never with a passion to see the next part or episode. i just watched a couple of it and it was ok and thats it. There was one particular TV show which i really loved though. It was alot earlier like when i was 12-16 It was a TV show with Mister Bean and the context was some sort of medieval time period and he, Mister Bean, was a Lord and had servants and was basically doing what Lords do in a funny way(the tone was still more serious than his other work). I remember really liking it. There was also Golden Boy and Hellsing on MTV which were amazing.

Scorpian is my favorite tv show and I like CBS morning news.

Blue Bloods, Perry Mason, law and order svu, stargate, rifleman, matlock, tonight show, csi (the original ), Adam 12, Dragnet, law and order criminal intent pretty much everything on metv and hulu.

I like ancient aliens and conspiracy stuff. My doc says I shouldn’t watch that though :wink:

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