What are your eccentricities?

I bark. I whistle a LOT. I dance and talk to myself. Well, to my friends in my head. I speak Spanish to people all the time and it never occurs to me that they don’t understand.

Those are a few of the ones that stand out to others.

What are some eccentric things you do that people notice, or that you notice?


I make the "rock on/ metal " hand signal spontaneously when I’m on my own. It’s like a nervous tick I guess. :metal:


I’m a bit ‘left of center." The psych hospital pdoc once called me, odd Strange, and eccentric’ the first time we met, but I’m not really sure why.
I can’t think of anything at the moment…

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When I’m alone I whisper my thoughts, grin and talk to myself, in public I only move my tongue without moving my lips to hide it.
When I talk with someone I pace back and forth.
Some people told me that my walking style is weird and they can recognize me from afar, they also told me that I look like a hippi because I wear sandals with socks.
In the past I used to go out in pajamas for rationalistic reasons but I had to stop because I attracted the police too much and some people laughed at me.


does the social withdrawal counts? I have some physical obsessive gestures too, its the pressure…

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I don’t think I have any. I’m cool.

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I wear the same pants everyday (I wash them regularly) until the are 100% worn out.

I re-rinse all bowls/plates/silverware before I eat with them.

I double check things a lot until I feel it’s safe.

I stay home a lot of the time.

I buy more stuff for my cats/dog than for myself.

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I just give out eccentric vibes. Even my cat picks up on it.


I have a pet skull he like a pet Rock but is a skull
I do talk with guess there is that, he is called Fred.
Along with the normal talking to self, odd hand twiching, odd body language.

Wearing winter clothing in summer and not feeling the heat not sweating along with my youfull looks got me called undead :skull: is silly.

Bet others could pick out more about me


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Some I guess I could note after reading this post but never once considered eccentric: I’ll sort of rock bath and forth while talking to people (only subtly), I tend to repeat what people say after they’ve said it but usually a single word or maybe two words, I talk to myself out loud but mostly as a sort of sounding board (because everyone else either seems uninterested or bored with the things I talk about).
I wear the same pants daily unless on weekends, which is where I only wear boxers and even when going to check the mailbox, that’s all I’ll wear. I some times go without washing my clothes for weeks mostly due to lack of motive.

That’s the main ones I can think of.

How does your cat react to your eccentric vibes?

I’m definitely eccentric but growing up I was the opposite of eccentric.

It wasn’t until I faced serious psychosis I came eccentric. Then the meds dulled me. But I kept coming off them now I’m permanently eccentric even on meds.

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I was just kidding, but I’ve spoiled him rotten. I sometimes let him sleep in bed with me at night.

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One thing I like about my cat is he isn’t alarmed at all by my eccentricities!!! Lol he doesn’t judge.


Mine just purrs and wants me to scratch him.

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Good cat. 1515151515

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I got called a weirdo in grade school, I think third grade, because I kept rocking and picking at my pants. Then was called a freak (in a good way) in high school during band practice, because I had a specific ritual I did with the reed in my mouth before I played clarinet.

I have a long beard which is always growing . I shave my head. I wear shorts all time even in winter. I talk to myself. I wear socks each of different colour etc etc.

I talk a lot of ■■■■ :flushed:

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I’ve been called eccentric. I think out loud and talk to myself.

I make a lot of funny noises and rhyme gibberish. Like innaminnacinnamon. And spine mine to the ine mine.

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