SPQ -schizotypal

  1. Do you sometimes feel that things you see on the TV or read in the newspaper have a special meaning for you ? N

  2. I sometimes avoid going to places where there will be many people because I will get anxious. Y

  3. Have you had experiences with the supernatural ? N

  4. Have you often mistaken objects or shadows for people, or noises for voices ? Y

  5. Other people see me as slightly eccentric (odd).Y

  6. I have little interest in getting to know other people. Y

  7. People sometimes find it hard to understand what I am saying.Y

  8. People sometimes find me aloof and distant. N

  9. I am sure I am being talked about behind my back.N

  10. I am aware that people notice me when I go out for a meal or to see a film.Y

  11. I get very nervous when I have to make polite conversation. Y

  12. Do you believe in telepathy (mind-reading) N

  13. Have you ever had the sense that some person or force is around you, even though you cannot see anyone Y

  14. People sometimes comment on my unusual mannerisms and habits. Y

  15. I prefer to keep to myself. Y

  16. I sometimes jump quickly from one topic to another when speaking. N

  17. I am poor at expressing my true feelings by the way I talk and look. N

  18. Do you often feel that other people have got it in for you Y

  19. Do some people drop hints about you or say things with a double meaning N

  20. Do you ever get nervous when someone is walking behind you Y

  21. Are you sometimes sure that other people can tell what you are thinking N

  22. When you look at a person, or yourself in a mirror, have you ever seen the face change right before your eyes N

  23. Sometimes other people think that I am a little strange.Y

  24. I am mostly quiet when with other people.Y

  25. I sometimes forget what I am trying to say.Y

  26. I rarely laugh and smile. Y

  27. Do you sometimes get concerned that friends or co-workers are not really loyal or trustworthy Y

  28. Have you ever noticed a common event or object that seemed to be a special sign for you N

  29. I get anxious when meeting people for the first time.Y

  30. Do you believe in clairvoyancy (psychic forces, fortune telling) N

  31. I often hear a voice speaking my thoughts aloud. N

  32. Some people think that I am a very bizarre person. N

  33. I find it hard to be emotionally close to other people. Y

  34. I often ramble on too much when speaking.Y

  35. My “non-verbal” communication (smiling and nodding during a Y N conversation) is poor. ?

  36. I feel I have to be on my guard even with friends. N

  37. Do you sometimes see special meanings in advertisements, shop windows, or in the way things are arranged around you Y N

  38. Do you often feel nervous when you are in a group of unfamiliar people Y

  39. Can other people feel your feelings when they are not there N

  40. Have you ever seen things invisible to other people N

  41. Do you feel that there is no-one you are really close to outside of your immediate family, Y

or people you can confide in or talk to about personal problems ?

  1. Some people find me a bit vague and elusive during a conversation. N

  2. I am poor at returning social courtesies and gestures. N

  3. Do you often pick up hidden threats or put-downs from what people say or do Y

  4. When shopping do you get the feeling that other people are taking notice of you Y

  5. I feel very uncomfortable in social situations involving unfamiliar people.Y

  6. Have you had experiences with astrology, seeing the future, UFOs, ESP or a sixth sense N

  7. Do everyday things seem unusually large or small N

  8. Writing letters to friends is more trouble than it is worth. N

  9. I sometimes use words in unusual ways. N

  10. I tend to avoid eye contact when conversing with others. N

  11. Have you found that it is best not to let other people know too much about you Y

  12. When you see people talking to each other, do you often wonder if they are talking about you Y

  13. I would feel very anxious if I had to give a speech in front of a large group of people.Y

  14. Have you ever felt that you are communicating with another person telepathically (by mind-reading) N

  15. Does your sense of smell sometimes become unusually strong Y

  16. I tend to keep in the background on social occasions.Y

  17. Do you tend to wander off the topic when having a conversation. N

  18. I often feel that others have it in for me.Y

  19. Do you sometimes feel that other people are watching you N

  20. Do you ever suddenly feel distracted by distant sounds that you are not normally aware of Y

  21. I attach little importance to having close friends. Y

  22. Do you sometimes feel that people are talking about you Y

  23. Are your thoughts sometimes so strong that you can almost hear them Y

  24. Do you often have to keep an eye out to stop people from taking advantage of you N

  25. Do you feel that you are unable to get “close” to people Y

  26. I am an odd, unusual person.Y

  27. I do not have an expressive and lively way of speaking. N

  28. I find it hard to communicate clearly what I want to say to people. N

  29. I have some eccentric (odd) habits.Y

  30. I feel very uneasy talking to people I do not know well.Y

  31. People occasionally comment that my conversation is confusing.Y

  32. I tend to keep my feelings to myself.Y

  33. People sometimes stare at me because of my odd appearance. ?


Ideas of reference 10 45 53 63

Excess social anxiety 2 11 20 29 38 46 54 71

Odd beliefs or magical thinking 56

Unusual perceptual experiences 4 13 61 64

Odd or eccentric behavior 5 14 23 67 70 74?

No close friends 6 15 24 33 41 57 62 66

Odd speech 25 34

Constricted affect 26 35? 73

Suspiciousness 18 27 44 52 59