A partial list of some of my former delusions, just what I can remember...feel free to add yours

Just felt like typing them out. Feel free to add a list of yours in response. Here are some I can remember:

That people could see through my eyes
That people could read my mind
That I got signs from God
That most store bought food and drinks were poisoned( I drank rainwater during this time)
That people could be controlled by other people(including “angels” and Satan and the Illuminati)
That central A/C and Heating were pumping in poison to damage my mind so that I could be controlled.
That my heart was damaged from poisoning(This delusion was aided by my pulmonary tinnitus)
That signs and shirts and other things with writing on them were sending me messages
That the TV was talking to/about me(this one was fairly rare)
That various prepared food by relatives was poisoned
That there was a “space ship” in the sky controlled by Elijah Muhammad and “angels”
That the damage caused to me by poisoning and whatnot could be healed by angels
That I had a microchip implanted in my head
That I was a prophet(or a combination of the former prophets for the current time)
That I was destined to kill Satan
I think at one point I even thought I might “become God”(It would take reading the writings of Elijah Muhammed to fully understand this)

I’m sure that there are more that I can’t think of off the top of my head since it’s been like 2.5 years or more, but there is my list for now. All gone with proper meds.


I had had too many delusions
and strange beliefs.
I wil mention the stronger ones.

Trumanomatrix & video game delusion.

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I used to believe I didn’t have a body.
I used to believe I was delivering the devil to fire lake in a spaceship designed by Jesus.
I used to believe all food was dead human corpses.
I used to believe I had a flyswatter inside my spine.
I used to believe it was post rapture and the devil ruled earth.
I used to believe I was a recording on a dvd.
I used to believe all this plus a million more details but those were the heaviest.

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