What are your current efforts to overcome schizophrenia now and in the future?

What are you currently doing now to overcome schizophrenia?

What are your long term efforts to overcome schizophrenia more than your current situation with it?


Thats the good questions. .


Trying as much ■■■■ as I can. I do therapy, however recently got off my meds because they make me feel like ■■■■ and didn’t help. Voices may be louder, but I’m not bothered by them as much.

Going to order Cerebrolysin and Piracetam and see how those work, I have high hopes.

Also I take walks at night, that helps a lot.

I still have hopes of overcoming schizophrenia more,

in five more years would like to be better off than now with my schizophrenia.


My efforts are no effort. I think i will read book

I did too many schizophrenia studys, and have complications from them, so it is extra hard to deal with, I got a blood condition that makes it hard to do my meds, and at the same time I have another condition that I have to have injections ever two weeks to keep me from side affect’s that could end me up in worse health. like muscle loss and hair, and organ’s . and I deal with this. but have my biggest sruggle is money. I have Dr.s in a town a hour a way. no car to drive it or gas to do the trips. so that how it go’s FFAD …that’s my plan. if it dosen’t get better … thanks for asking.

I take my meds, I try not to go for too long without sleep (being underslept seems to make things worse for me), I go to therapy sessions, and I try to protect myself from unnecessary stress.

I have a wish to one day not have to take meds, but for now, it seems I can’t live without them. At least not a life where I’m sane.

Today, I make myself another coffee. That’s how I deal with it today.
Do I worry about tomorrow?
Not with that thing in the White House, no, think I’ll go make one more coffee.

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I accept the fact that I have schizophrenia, and I accept the fact that I need medications. From there I have slowly rebuilt myself, from continuing college to learning more about schizophrenia. I surround myself with good influences, my family, and have eliminated the bad stressors and influences in my life, such as drugs and alcohol. I listen to my psychiatrist, I battle symptoms, and I learn to deal with it. I am positive that I can live a happy, fufilled life. I’ve already proven that to myself. I never give up hope, and I never stop trying to have the life I’ve always wanted.

Life is so hard, for so many people, we are not alone. I know how tough it is, but I keep trying anyways. That’s about it.

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Right now I’m trying to learn coping skills like mindfulness. Mindfulness has helped to an extent.

Hope gives my future somthing to put effort into and keep trying to overcome schizophrenia a little more.

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Stay as low stressed as possible and deal with the â– â– â– â–  stigma that it has.

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currently I…take my meds make sure to laugh don’t stress to much…in the future I hope we all get uploaded and can interact with anything that is also linked up… space ready super fast… cloaking … I can adjust the appearance, shape and functionality of it on a whim… super robot body …with instant self healing… I hope for this because If the future doesn’t find a cure like I want it to… atleast ill have a cool ass robot form…that teleports…through time and space…

  • Listening to good music
  • Watching movies, Anime
  • Reading Manga or Webcomics
  • Telling myself that everything’s going to be okay whenever the voices are around
  • Praying
  • Keeping a journal - promised myself to only put positive things in there, but I can’t help myself if I feel down I have to express it up
  • Keeping myself busy
  • Interacting with loved ones and friends

Still fighting this battle! :slight_smile:


I take my meds and hope foe the best, really. I’ve cut out weed and alcohol.

Keep on my meds and try to live a low stress life take one day at a time. Keep good relations with loved ones. Write in my journal and enjoy the simple pleasures in life like coffee or a good book.

Keeping stress down
Keeping my mind active (reading, proofreading, puzzles, etc.)
Fish Oil and B vitamins
Keeping my marriage healthy
Taking care of my cats and my trees
Keeping my diet healthy
Staying away from drugs/alcohol
Keeping somewhat social
Staying on a routine


I take medication latuda.
Used to be olanzapine.
I also have immovan if needed.

I also talk comforting to myself and be nice.

I try to avoid situation that trigger me and people and when bf friends n family come over I mostly sit further away from them or go to another room.

I told him before we met that I isolate and am schizophrenic.

I recently started gentle exercise for twenty minutes two times week infront of computer.

I try to groom myself and take care of us and home.
I clean, pick weeds n crewchetted and bake a lot and cook.

I have difficulties reading books but try .

I feed the dogs and water the plants and save money to bring my horse here.

I do dishes and logg in to schizo.com.

Meds have really helped me. I started 5 months ago and can now watch some movies I like and get more out of them. I also started dieting since starting a job a month ago and am actually starting to loose weight and look better. Motivation still keeps me down, but I know with time and med use negative and cognitive symptoms can improve for some people… I hope lol, idk

just to keep having a better outlook on life