What are you reading at the moment?

I’m currently reading Seeking Whom He Might Devour, by Fred Vargas.

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I’m reading your thread.


I can’t read books

Even at University I would just scan the index or use highlighting in PDF’s to find the information I needed

Sometimes I had to read books, but I like short novels like the Time Machine


@Joker At least the books you do read are topnotch.

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I have written 20,000 words of my own novel, but I doubt it will ever get to see the light of day

Find it really triggering, which is a shame

Maybe one day I will be of sound enough mind/resilience to pick up on it again


I’m reading an IEP guide book. I need to get my kid an IEP soon (they are schizophrenic).


20,000 words is serious business. You might want to consider showing parts of it to people whose judgement you trust, or join a creative writing course.

I got sick of it sitting on my computer, so I posted it on an online community, but there have been no comments or interest as of yet.

It needs some serious work done to it though. I am not happy with the character names for example. I used ancient Roman names as place holders, but not sure if it works with the story

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I like the idea of Ancient Roman names.


The story plays in my head sometimes, and it’s so visually striking.

Trying to get my head into putting it into a clear structure has been a challenge

My dream job would to be a professional writer, and get these vivid images I have onto the screen.

I have creativity, just no network or means to make it happen

Had a look at the publishing process for books, and to even get considered it seems you need to pay an agent - and that’s even if you find one with the right contacts

There is a world of people fighting for their attention, and I am put off by this process


I am reading a book about the Tudors. I love this period in history. It is my favorite era, next to ancient Egypt and the French Revolution.


Everything, ha.

Keeps the voices out.



I’m guessing you’ve watched David Starkey’ documentary series.

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To be honest, I don’t watch films, just writings regarding those time periods. I dunno. Just silly me. I more into the books cause I can read anywhere.


I just finished Wild by nature by Sarah Marquis.

She is an explorer who walks the world! It was good and inspirational, but not a personal insight into her. It is far from a Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance book which i was looking for.

Waiting in the post for my next book “Metahuman” by Chopra.


I have been too tired to read for a long time, but it’s better now.

Can you recommend Sartre? @seksoempirico

I have read some of his early essays and think “Nausea” might be something for me.


White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

The author is Robin DiAngelo


Im reading from a couple concise encyclopedias. Trying to relive the old days of adventuring through the entries, one leading to another and so on. Its too bad I cant find the concise encyclopedia I had years ago that one was the perfect balance of all my interests. Cant remember the name all I know is it was a concise enyclopedia had a hardcover about 800 pages and had a green book jacket


Am just reading my hand this morning I wrote some stuff on it thanks for reminding me…


That’s great! Reading sometimes triggers my voices.

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