What are you looking forward to in life?

I’m looking forward to getting a job one day
Going back into dating one day
I’m so scared I ate junk again this morning and it makes me feel so so guilty can’t help but think of my blood vessels and stuff

I look forward to feeling better

Making friends I just don’t know where I will find them though. For a start get back in touch with my two friends from studies. Join something some grp I guess


I’m looking forward to being able to play piano beautifully someday in the future.
I’m looking forward to my foreign trips I’m going to take to Israel, Spain and Ireland someday when I ever get around to it.
Looking forward to spending time with my best friend this weekend and every weekend.
Looking forward to meeting my Maker.


I’m looking forward to getting a flexjob
And to the Indonesia trip my friend and I are planning for next year


The cure or something that makes me better. Then I can do practically anything but with limited time now because I’m older and smoked too much.

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A grandkid! Maybe grandkids. More nookie with Mrs. Squirrel (over the hill and frisky still).



I highly doubt that. Mrs Squirrel probably loves children (I assume, just like any other woman) and will probably spend a lot of time as Gamma. :grinning:

I’m not sure, part of me lives because of my family, to see and spend time with my loved ones.

Part of me lives because of a mission the angels sent me here for. Delusion I would wager. They gave me some tenants I have to abide by, and suicide is off the list of things I’m allowed to do. They wouldn’t let me die anyway.

I want to re-enter the workforce. Even the shitty jobs I’ve had were ultimately better for my mood than just sitting around.

Looking forward to many more amazing moments with my boyfriend as well. I think this one is a keeper. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have any idea what kind of work you might like to try next?

I’m thinking of being a carer for a year or two if I can manage to do it…

I’m happy for you and your bf :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking retail pharmacy if I can swing it.

A carer position could work out nicely. My mom’s studying to be one and she’s finding it tolerable.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


You doubt that she loves kids?!? Man, I’m still not hearing the end of our only having had one.


I am looking forward to things settling back down with work so I can focus and get on with it. I have not been very well the past couple of months, and it has been a real downer.

I am hopeful that Sertraline will be a good med for me as I was struggling on my own.

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I guess now u can afford to be on 4 days per week that must be nice. Very needed I suppose…

I would go down to three days per week, but the PIP won’t be forever, and I need to earn the money.

The extra day off means a lot to me as 5 days is just too much at the moment. I tried to go back to 5 days but it didn’t go well!

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Yea you just gotta do what is best for your mental health.

I would say during good times that working can be incredibly fulfilling. I hope you can get there :slight_smile:

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I really hope so too.
And wish the same for you, I really understand what you mean there’s only so much one can do when not working, especially whilst on meds.
It doesn’t exactly feel amazing to rely on the government to pay for me but at the same time we are so lucky to receive this service in times of need

Totally agreed. If I had not got my PIP I would have been broke for months for having so much time off work. I am grateful that they have stepped in to help.

I really think if you wanted to give it a go at working, you’d do well. I started temping a few days a week and it grew from there. It can be done!

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I feel I need to ease myself in, starting with volunteering.
I tried a 8 day work trial and it completely crashed me.
I did work back in March too and I couldn’t cope with it. That was part time.

I think if I start with volunteering to build my confidence and then later I’ll be off meds anyway then I’ll work…

My stress threshold is very low atm

But thanku for the compliment I think I will do well in it too when I start it :))

I just hope the voices don’t come back


They say if you write down goals and read them frequently or occasionally, you are more likely to achieve them. Of course they also said that Trump would make a great President.