What are you eating today?

I had breakfast casserole, soup, cheeseburger, and pretzel bites (homemade).

Dinner: Bowl of New England Clam Chowder, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a bowl of Kix. Dessert: two chocolate chip cookies.

Tomato soup and four bananas. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

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Hi BakedBeans, now you know not to buy too many bananas.

I do not know what to do with all these. I have never made banana bread in my life. :bread: :banana:


JK I had chicken and beef stew with bread. Heavy lifting today so lotta protein tonight

Well, if you don’t have all the ingredients or the loaf pans then it is moot anyway. But that’s an easy recipe. Tons of people make recipes that they have never made before.You have to start somewhere and that’s how you learn. If you follow the directions as they are written then it would be alright. it’s pretty straightforward, right? What part of the recipe are you unsure about? I agree with someone who said that the bananas need to be ripe and a little soft to make banana bread. You may end up having to throw some bananas away if you can’t eat them all but just don’t make the same mistake again.
Maybe you can give some to your neighbors or bring some to someone else.

Step 1- Freeze Banana Slices :banana:

Step 2- Buy loaf pan+eggs+vegetable oil+ vanilla extract

Step 3- Next week. Make the bread. :bread: :blush: :banana:

Step 4- Must wait until bananas turn black before freezing. :banana:

BakedBeans: Here you go.

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Ha! You beat me to it.

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Hint: for anybody.If you want a little variety in your diet and are thinking of cooking and you are looking for recipes online, and you are doing a search, I would recommend using the words:: “simple”, or “easy” in your search.i.e. “, SIMPLE peanut better cookies”. “SIMPLE guacamole”, “SIMPLE baked chicken”, etc.

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Thank you for that information. My day treatment program has a cooking class on Friday @ 1.00 PM. They are making homemade ravioli + homemade whole wheat bread. :bread:

You’re welcome. Any time.

Today I ate two girl scout cookies, two lindt chocolate truffles, and for dinner a grilled cheese sandwich and a salad.

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Sugar free pudding
Chicken littles
Mashed potatoes
Tira miseu cheesecake

You could take your bananas + loaf pans + recipes to your cooking class. They shouldn’t be too ripe for the nut bread.

I was thinking the same thing. The staff keep getting on my case about me eating canned food all the time. They will have a heart attack if I showed up with cooking pans+ingredients. :octopus:

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Or maybe the day before so there will be enough room to cook -

Vanilla yogurt for breakfast, 1and a half slices of delicious restaurant pizza for dinner.

Have you tried Greek yogurt?

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