What are you doing right now?

At the doctor’s waiting room. Remember that tooth pocket I was bitching about? I hope this guy gonna do something about it. :sob:

What about you?


I just got myself a coffee from mcdonalds and sitting down to watch the football :smile:

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Is it night there now?
I could use a coffee right now. Or not…cuz it gives me damn toothache :tired_face:

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Yep. 8pm. What time is it over there?

12.00 AM getting hot.
You guys have a snow out there! :cloud_rain:

Ive never seen snow!

I did I did :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just finished the cleaning and now watching TV

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wanting to sleep but can’t

Bought some coffee from starbacks and surfing in the internet.

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That sucks. I dont sleep well at night so I take a nap…or two…during the day.

Just came home from a driving lesson, sipping an espresso, smoking a cigarette. I need to quit smoking.

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I hardly ever sleep at night- that seems to be when my voices want to talk the most. Can’t sleep during the day mostly either because of things going on. Sleep is a rarity for me - good is 4hrs in 24. I have had 3 in the past 48 so sucks to be me right now.

Have you tried that 20% benzocaine for your toothache? That works particularly well if you get it in paste form and the toothache is in your lower jaw. Put it in the place that hurts, and it will take away the pain. Also, acetamenaphin is good for toothaches. Also, if you’re real active your tooth will hurt worse later. Take it as easy as you can.

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Never heard of benzocain…is that like a benzoic acid? I have a gingivitis actually not a cavities…I don’t know, he cleaned it and applied chloride something :unamused: it was painful …pockets are nasty.
Thanks for your advice crimby.

@mjgh06 jg 4 hours daily doesn’t sound good…I would talk to doctor about it. I get the rest of 8 hours sleep at daytime.

How much do you smoke daily? The most I did was 15 cigarettes.
Try vaping maybe.

I’m vaping and smoking. Trying to quit

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I am waiting to get to work with a professor…we’re in different time zones and he has class at noon my time, and 9am for him is 10am for me…so two hours of that and then I guess work on whatever assignment he gives. It’s for a publication, I have first author so it’s good, that, and I am going to practitioner school so having an article is a big deal (rare for undergrads to have first author or even research at all). Practitioners don’t typically publish much at all, period. They just know stuff and have lots of experience. But people say researchers don’t have any experience, so it’s a sticky debate.

I am enjoying an hour late start to the day, but an old friend’s dad died of suicide yesterday and that is not good news. I got hit with that right when I woke up. I am out of town, and my friends are checking up on the survivor…I feel like there was nothing I could do…I heard he had depression, but I was told that he was in treatment and liked it…feels bad to not be able to help. It will be a long time before I can really really professionally help people. Well, more like just a year of class and then practicum starts, but still…

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Oh sorry, I was on the street only read half. I’m smoking around 8 a day, maybe 10 some days. :frowning2:

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One thing I can’t get are suicides amongst the younger population. We recently had a chain of young boys committing suicide; one of them was so handsome and smart 15 yr old from wealthy family…
No one really knows why he did that.