What are you doing right now?

My friend is asleep on the couch beside me, so I’m picking my nose, chainsmoking and chatting.

What are yall up to?


I am listening to Slipknot in my kitchen drinking diet cola and smoking one after the other. I will probably watch some TV in bed once I get bored.


Wow. Talk about multi-tasking! Lmao on picking your nose.

I am sitting in bed with my laptop, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m trying to get up and do things for myself, so I’ve gotten out of bed three times already today (keeping in mind I only woke up an hour ago). I made sure my kids had something to eat for lunch, got something for myself to eat, and had the kids fold and put away the laundry so I can do more… which I shall shortly. I feel like it will be a productive day.


Sounds good :slight_smile:

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Drinking some coffee. Sitting with my fiancée and mother. Watching Price is right. Black eyed peas and a ham shank in the crockpot.

Lazy day, maybe a nap later.


Being dragged out of house to “do something”. Apparently wasting weekend with parents wasn’t enough, we have to make sure I get zero downtime by myself on my limited days off.

Watching Caught in Providence, lol. I think Unsolved mysteries is on next.

I got up about an hour ago. Kids go back to school tomorrow, so I probably should wake them up…lol I’m sure oldest will be on the Xbox One with Blueberry all day, his friend from school for years. Kids wears only blue and hair is blue. Name checks out, lol.

Kiefer is gonna play Persona on the old Playstation original.

Raina I think her and I may tackle the closet in her room. 13 year old girl’s closet…wish me luck.

That sucks. Could you convince your wife to go alone and tell her you need a rest day?

We have a family friend over so I guess stuffing my face continues for now…

Don’t wanna go down my sister is there

Scrolling through posts

sitting here kinda anxiously, i was playing bfv a moment ago

just got out of bath, now I’m picking my nose lol

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You know, @ZombieMombie never told us if it was ok for you to pick mine :joy:

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I have the right to remain silent :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

@Pikasaur sure! Dig in!

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Watching the University of Michigan football game

Oooooo you’re smoking cigarettes, I’m telling Mom @Pikasaur!

LOL J/k :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m not up to much atm. Just got done loving on my kitty and having my morning coffee.

Now I’m just listening to Marvin Gaye on the radio and vaping.


Smoking 15151515

lol @Pikasaur & @ZombieMombie


I just finished getting dinner in the oven. I made tuna casserole. My husband and his best friend love it.

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