What are you doing for New Year's Eve and NY Day?

I’m sure this thread has been posted many times already haha but I haven’t been on in several days. Anyways, what are you guys doing for NYE and New Years Day? I’m not doing much, we are having steaks on NYE and pork and sauerkraut on New Years Day. And we’ll be watching football. How about you?


I’ve been invited to a dance party for New Year’s night. I won’t go due to covid related worries. I am in good health and vaccinated, but if I pass it to my aging parents I’ll never forgive myself.
So instead, probably movie night. Latest “Cobra Kai” season will air (? is that the term ?) on Netflix on Dec 31, so that could be one option.


Very cool @Andrey and responsible of you. Have a good time!

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■■■■ all. 151515151515

Not much to be honest, I want to head over to my partners but i doubt it will happen so I will be home most of the time.

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I don’t have much planned, so I don’t know.


My sister and I are planning a nice dinner and then some binge watching of tv. I’ll probably leave her house by 10, and we’ll probably both be asleep by 11.

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I am going to stay off the roads and drink my Coca-Cola with a merry heart.


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Will be home watching movies.


I want to watch CNN’s new year’s with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen but my stepdad is a raging homophobe, so I don’t think I can do it there. Maybe I can go to my grandparents’ and watch it there. We don’t have cable where I am so that’s not an option.

I honestly have no clue what I’ll be doing for NYE or New Year’s Day🥲

Probably try to stay up till midnight and that’s about it this year

Probably the same thing I do every night, just go to bed with my dog around 10 pm.

Im gonna perform a dance on day, shakira ”la tortura”. Then i dont know.

Same old same old. Using the computer and phone and hopefully some light reading.

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I’ll probably stay up New Years Eve and watch the ball come down in Times Square. Other than that nothing.

A normal day for me. Alarm set for 5 am so bed early to read. Wake up to a new year early. Haven’t even been woken up by noise last couple of years.

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Normal day for me. Stay home. watch my security cameras just incase schizophrenia is all matter-of-fact reality, brave danger to occasionally take my dog out for a bathroom break. Anyone partying for the holidays?

We have a music show here on BBC by Jool’s Holland.

Usually I fall asleep, then wake up and switch it on before going to sleep again

Never been a fan of NYE

It brings me many bad memories from when I was an addict the things we used to take was mind-blowing, and I do not know how any of us lived through the night

I don’t know yet.

I have an appointment with the SSA and a hospital visit