What are you doing for New Year's Eve and NY Day?

I will be staying up - just so they get the fireworks and the noise out of the way, before i goto bed. I wont be celebrating it.

Probably just stay home and lift weights as well as go for a 2-hour run and or walk on both days.

Not going to watch the countdown.

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On New Years Day I’m heading over to my mom’s house for a brunch. I don’t have any special plans for New year’s Eve.

Some good replies, sounds like most folks are just staying home. Sounds good to me

we are eating fondue new year’s eve and after that i go watch die hard 2 on the tv =)
new years day not much.




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Just a usual day. I haven’t got paid early what I was hoping for. I think I will be here on the forum with you guys. On the afternoon I might go to a drop-in centre.

Usually spend NYE with the family and we watch the TV and the light show every year

This year, brother is sick with Covid, so just going to watch with Mum and Dad and order a pizza in!

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Eating cold medicine and coughing up mucous if the current trend continues. I feel like a can of smashed aresholes right now.

I’ll just stay in my place, eat well, take my meds and watch the local fireworks. Nothing special, Happy New Year 2022.

My friend just called me and said he is down with covid, so i stay at home, i bought some venison and a bottle of Campari to keep me company.

Im yearning for summer, sun, the warmth of the sun.

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I usually watch the live music with Jools Holland on the BBC and then the fireworks.

I haven’t celebrated new years outside of home in several years

Must crack open a couple of cans of beer!

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