What are you all doing?

I’ve just eaten a chicken danshak curry. Was very spicy. Now I’m lying on my bed drinking coffee. I’m checking out facebook and plannig on revising for my interview next Thursday and plannig my travels in Asia in two years time.

What are you all doing?

I’m not writing which is what I should be doing and what I want to do. Can’t get myself to do it very much today for some reason.

Where is danshak curry from? India?

Being happy I am away from public transportation for the day. It is hot outside, been sweaty, stinky, waiting for trains and buses.

Needed to shower after I got home. Time to start thinking about dinner. So tired though.

I dont think I will get to stay home but half the day tomorrow. 92degrees exspected, will be walking some of it.

Need to freeze one water bottle to make the cold last and double as a cooler pack in insulated lunch bag.

Things like this is why procrastination exist.

I dont even work and cant wait for the weekend.

Just had rice, lettuce, capers, and ground turkey, now texting, pretty soon will be sleeping.

Playing overwatch


I’m envious of you guys @Noise. I hear good things about that game. I’m gonna fire up Battlefield 1 in a few. :slight_smile:


Chiucken danshack is from India yes.

I’m listening to City of the Sun. Good ambient acoustic guitar band. Lookin out mah back door. Girlfriend is vaccuuming.
Sometimes I get paranoid about music, but it helps if there’s no singing.

I’m recovering from a minor breakdown this afternoon. Helps SO MUCH to be on this forum with like-minded souls.


Waiting on dinner. I haven’t eaten much today. I might make some more coffee in a little while.

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It’s super fun if you ever get it we should totally play together some time!!! :smiley:

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Eating homemade oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies my gf made :blush:

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I just wrote an extremely informative essay thread about my medication being schizoaffective and Borderline. I also started a thread looking for people to share their experience with Rexulti! Peace be with you all.

Absolutely. We’d kick bichen ass. You are so sweet. I love you my non binary friend! :slight_smile:


I’m watching star trek deep space nine, about to sleep in a little while

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I’m looking up colleges and trying to figure out my degree plan!

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Laying on my couch, being bored on my phone

I ate some mozarella stick with sriracha dip, cheese is my happiness.

Love you too @ThePickinSkunk !! :heart: :smiley: I would party with you anytime!!


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