What are you doing?

I’m just sitting here. and I just thinking. lol lol lol

I’m just surfing the info web and getting ready to do some cooking. Sausages and eggs for the old boy and some rice and veges for me. Other than that it’s de-stress time.

I got up about an hour and a half ago. I just had a shower and I’m drinking coffee and playing my switch. In a bit I will walk the dog.

Probably going to bed. I want to play Wow but lazy and tired. I need to read books soon. I brushed my teeth today and went swimming.

I’m researching cryptocurrencies. I don’t have any money and I got a dog so there goes most of my attention and funds. I should be getting my new puppy in a month.

It’s 11:55 pm. I just made it home from the ball before I turned into a pumpkin. Damn, I lost a glass boot somewhere, dammit.
I actually drove across town to Der Weinerschitzal to use a coupon for a chili dog and a corn dog but there were cars lined up in the streets to get in so I went up the street to McDonalds and used a coupon for a free quarter pounder. After a hot day, it was pretty cool out and I just wanted a leisurely drive home but my sister may be right, it’s almost impossible to have a relaxing drive in Silicon Valley.

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Fell asleep at 8:00 pm. Meant to just take a quick nap but slept until 1:30 am. Now I’m up for awhile I guess. going to explore the forum for a bit.

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