What antipsychotic do you use?

Do you have problems with prolactin?

I find out as I had a blood test a couple of days ago.

So far it has been ok.

Even if it was high I’d still take it as it works well.

I would only draw the line if I started growing breasts and discharging milk.

I am on low dose of Olanzapine zyprexa which is 5mg

That’s the same dose and brand AP that I’m on (10 mg Zyprexa). I do pretty well on it.

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Are you male or female? I was on amisulpride for couple of weeks and it was THE BEST antipsychotic for me (I think it was even better than clozapine in some elements). Unfortunately , I had to quit because my prolactin levels were over the roof. Do you take anything else, beside amisulpride?

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Abilify did not work. Being on clozapine since 6 years.

I am male. I have been on it for 18 months now at 800mg and I have had perhaps 3 blood tests in that time.

I have heard nothing back, and they always say no news is good news

Where are you from, if you don’t mind asking? I know amisulpride is not approved in USA.

Same here. I have been on clozapine for 10 years now. Abilify didn’t work for me at all.

I am from England