What anti psychotic would you recommend and why


med change tomorrow, looking for advice


Invega has worked well for me, and the side-effects didn’t last long.


I like vraylar. I don’t feel like ■■■■ every day of my life.


Right!? I keep seeing crazy posts about Invega and I’m over here like…what? Personally it doesn’t control my symptoms the way risperdone does. But it sure as heck doesn’t last for 20 years :wink:


Risperidone is first line anti psychotic, it’s for broad range of symptoms very good, but It’s binding littlebit so you should take cyclodol or parkopam for side effects



Abilify is the best for me. But I know people who take Abilify and they think it doen’t work. For some people it’s so complicated to find an antipsychotic that works.


High dose (>20mg) Olanzapine is supposed to be almost as good as Clozapine.

Feel free to google it.


I take 40mg olanzapine, zyprexa, and pdoc said I should increase it to 60mg


saphris is fast acting but I don’t think it’s as strong as the others. I don’t have side effects from it, you might like it. The main problem with it is you have to take it under your tongue and it tastes awful and makes your tongue go numb. I’m used to it but some people just won’t take it. Also it’s expensive if you don’t have insurance.


Vraylar. It worsened my depression very badly but that is more of an individualized side effect. I am sza depressive type and am more likely to get that. Outside of that the side effects were the mildest of any AP I’ve ever been on and I think it’s because it’s one of the newest along w fanapt. But fanapt made me gain 5 lbs per week so I didn’t like it.

If you are prone to depression to where you’re on some sort of mood stabilizer or AD for it, I would not recommend vraylar.


I can’t think of one I would recommend.


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