What age gap is too much

6-7 years and him already having a toddler. is that too much ? I worry about my level of maturity.

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God no.

I’d only start to wonder at about maybe 15 years older.


My husband is seven years older than me and the kinds of dudes I find super hot these days are pushing fifty.

So, go for it!


you’re both in your 30’s??? Not too big an age gap

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the rule is divide the older age by 2 and add 7…if you’re over that number then you’re good…

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Where did you hear that?

I feel like I’ve heard it before and thought it was a southern thing…

idk someone at the gym told me it once. Okcupid.com’s default settings are that rule too.


forget it. I tried a couple times, it is not working. they are set back in their ways I guess and I have to adjust :unamused:

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That’s true I’m sure…

Men are the worst sometimes.

They should be grateful they come attached to dicks,



I always thought 15 years older was good. 20 years older is way too much though. 15 years younger is alright. I’ve gone 20 years younger and was alright. Some were alright with it. Some weren’t. My own age was always the best.

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Go for it ish …

Picasso had two sons who were 50 years apart .

That’s about the age difference between my wife and I. We do great it’s less of an issue the older you get.

I thought he wasn’t messaging you back anyways.

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I thought so too. But he messaged back. Was busy this weekend.

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I thought I had scared him off.

I don’t think it’s too much of an age gap at all. But be sure you’re ready to date someone with a kid. That is a lot of responsibility.


My boyfriend is 11 and a half years older than me. One of my boyfriend’s that passed away was like 21 or 22 years older than me. He had a son that was a year older that was a year older than me.

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Had an adult son that was a year older than me

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I think she’s 2. I don’t know if it’s normal but I actually feel happy he has a kid. And has that part of his life done. he already said the kid will be the morhers responsibility but I’d be so grateful to be in her life even not as a mother but as a friend. I have no intention to “replace” the mother.


I don’t feel like I’d want to have my own. There’s a lot of complications.