What a miserable day =(

I had an smirnoff ice today . . and worked a little. Not much

Tomorrow I have the whole day to just sleep/eat/drink and waste my life away.

My injection and therapy is wednesday and some days I am talking much less to myself than others. I think Abilify is a good med - just need to exercise :thinking: too difficult to wake up at 5-6 am.

Saturday we are going for dinner - and sunday people are coming over for dinner - so maybe it’ll be some fun.

I am rarely leaving the house at all.

what about you?

Today I’m watching the Groundhog Day marathon on AMC. It’s one of my favorite movies.

I also looked for jobs on Indeed.

Just getting by it seems, took my mom out to get her Rx, and groceries today. At least I changed into regular street clothes and not stayed in pj’s all day. I’m ready to crawl in bed.

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I found my current employer on indeed. Good site , what kind of job are u looking for?

@cherie sorry to hear ur feeling this way :confused:

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I’m looking for video game related jobs. Like game tester or quality assurance jobs.

I’m also looking for biomedical engineering jobs.

Studying D: D: D: D: D:

I washed my pillow case today. That was the high point of my day. After that, the rest of my day went downhill.

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Was a busy day here, it went well although I was so sore could hardly walk by the end of the day, lots of moving and lifting :sob:
Got back to where I park my equipment and police were there, other companies in the same place were hit last night by thieves, not sure what was stolen, but my stuff was not hit. No where in this city is safe anymore, everyone getting hit.

that was my day, just watch some tv then go to bed

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