Were you different/odd as a child/teenager?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I was definitely different than my peers. It made me a target for bullying.


i was different and was verbally bullied and laughed at during my teenage years,it was a bad experience…


I agree with both of you. Same here.

I was pretty average, though shy and above average in academics.

When I was fifteen I started getting hit with these crushing anxiety attacks, and I shut down socially. After that many people thought I was weird because I never said anything. Before I was fifteen I was pretty normal, though when I look back I can see the seeds of my mental illness in my personality even then.


Yup, took a lot of ■■■■, gave a lot of ■■■■ like so many near my age at the time.

Anxiety hit me at age 12. Then became very withdrawn and went to a new school to escape only to get bullied and verbally abused. Left school at 16 hated it there

I was normal. I regarded everyone else as odd. Still do.



I was way out there hyper and strange. I was the 100 question kid who was always jumping around… people used to run away from me.

I tried to be the class clown so people wouldn’t pick on me too much… I think the fact that I was so hyper… I got bullied… but not by everyone.

I remember school being a nightmare… but my swim team I had friends… the hyper helped me swim fast.

After a while I was So far out… I ended up with tutors and wasn’t in school as much.

I answered no…

Seriously, if you’d rather watch football than Dr. Who, there’s something wrong with you. And trading hockey cards instead of Star Wars cards? Sacrilege. Thank gawd for the other normals who I played D&D with in junior high. And a pox on the jocks. Freaks.


Being bisexual I was definately different. I was very akward about it, but I tried to fit in socially wih sports and parties. Some bullying because of that. So I guess my odd years started later, perhaps triggered by a year of heavy marijuana smoking at 17-18.

I was a loser as a teenager. ANd got bullied for it.

I voted yes, I was odd, but, I had a ton of friends, was rarely bullied, and fit in with most everyone. That in and of itself is what made me so different.

I remember yearning alot as a child.

As if i was lacking something of great importance and as if everything was wrong.

What does “different” or “odd” actually mean?

Owing to a very acute awareness of what labeling does to the psyche, especially when the words are taken as reality, I suggest being very cautious with notions like “different” or “odd.”

To get the recovery I’ve been able to achieve (vs. where I was 13 years ago), I’ve had to be very aware of how programmed my mind is by the norms of the cult-ure to stipulate a sense of identity according to the terms of that cult-ure’s often suspect and blatantly irrational and anti-empirical beliefs.

I am what I am when I am what I am.

And, I was what I was when I was what I was. Are labels that make temporary situations permanent accurate?

All that said, my observable behavior tended to run the gamut from socially appropriate to socially inappropriate, and the perceptions of others from “popular” and “likable” to “inept” and “immature.” Beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholders.

I was a crazy badass

And I grew to become crazier and more badass

Ditto… That’s probably why I have these allergies (that’s what I call the voices) I’m allergic to those voices. Omg I just drove in traffic and almost ripped my head off from an allergic attack of voices.

Haha, I like that, even though you think I’m odd.