We're f****** with you, we're trying to f*** you up

This is what my voices have been saying lately. It’s pretty annoying, but it goes to show I’m innocent to all this nonsense. I’m starting to feel permanent solidarity. It helps me in ignoring what I hear. It messes with my thoughts a bit but as long as it doesn’t effect what I’m feeling it doesn’t matter. I’m so used to being annoyed that it’s just normal. It seems as I get closer to solving my personal problems the harder the sz tries to tear me down. I think it’ll blow over as it has less and less effect on me as the days pass. If it is intelligent maybe it will lose interest. Maybe it’ll just be background noise for the rest of my life. At least I’m function still, perhaps a bit neurotic. At this point it’s all about moving on and doing something with myself. Don’t know what to do but I figure it’s about time something dawns on me.

Keep trucking people. At the end of the day this illness ain’t ■■■■.


This seems like a good sign to me. Like they know you’ve figured them out and now there just blatantly telling you that they just wanna ■■■■ you up.

Yeah they quit talking about suicide I think as I grow stronger they’ll lose interest. They’re staying pretty quiet. Still interject a lot of random stuff.


Yeah Im so tired, but relaxing here in the evening with music on. It just seems ridiculous that my life experience is what it is. Its completely not cool.

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I hope you find a med balance that will quelch the voices some day @BryanAshley

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Thanks dude they are actually pretty good tonight. Almost calm.

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